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BE A PART OF THE Somatic movement! 

Stay Current, Get Inspired and Become an Industry Leader

Members have been making a difference together since 1996. We welcome your participation. You will be joining a professionally varied group of educators, clinics, centers and individuals.

  • Our educator training centers are established around the world and have decades of positive impact on the mental health field and society.
  • Our clinics, centers, and community health members offer a variety of somatic approaches to meet the need of diverse populations.
  • Our individual members include: psychologists, psychotherapists, physicians, registered nurses, educators, alternative health care providers, social workers, academicians, researchers, policymakers, consultants, coaches, lightworkers, yogis, massage therapists, energy workers, art and expressive therapy practitioners, interested citizens and students.

Membership has its Advantages:

  • Stay Current on Industry Trends and Discoveries. 
  • Get Access to Free and Discounted Learning  from International Master Trainers.
  • Support Research & Our Conference
  • Attract New Clients & Students
  • Collaborate with Peers to Advance Our Field & Receive Recognition

Sign up instructions:

1) Choose your category of membership below and click the application button.
2) Once you arrive to your member category select the member level.
3) When you complete the application form you will receive follow up emails with member orientation information. 

Welcome! You are in good company.
We look forward to having you as a member of our Association. You will be a part of a community dedicated to:

a) working to improve themselves,
b) building life long friendships and networking opportunities,
c) helping advance the mental health field, and
d) strengthening our society. 

mEMBERSHIP categories


There is a membership category for all.
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Member Types & Application

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Use our programs to train your leadership, clinicians and staff. Membership gives your organization presence in a global somatic community committed to advancing somatic psychology, body-mind psychotherapy, and embodied practices in clinical settings. 

Member Types & Application

Member Benefit Details


Our member academic institutions, training institutes and organizations, and coaching programs provide ongoing education in somatic psychology and body-mind integration. They offer a range of academic degrees, practitioner certifications, and attendance certificates for professionals seeking to explore the field of body-mind integrative work and deepen their expertise as somatic psychotherapists and practitioners. See your benefits.

Member Types & Application

Member Benefit Details



Thank you for your continued participation in this community and helping to advance our field.

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