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Membership Benefits 

Advancing Our Field and Enriching Our Lives 

The United States Association of Body Psychotherapy (USABP) is the national umbrella organization paving the way for the advancement of principles and standards in somatic psychology and body-mind psychotherapy and practices.

Our membership is a professionally varied group of educators, clinics, centers and individuals.

  • Our educator training centers are established around the world and have decades of positive impact on the mental health field and society.

  • Our clinics, centers, and community health members offer a variety of somatic approaches to meet the need of diverse populations.

  • Our individual members include: psychologists, psychotherapists, physicians, registered nurses, educators, alternative health care providers, social workers, academicians, researchers, policymakers, consultants, coaches, lightworkers, yogis, massage therapists, energy workers, art and expressive therapy practitioners, interested citizens and students.

Benefits and Opportunities

  • 1. Connection
    Become affiliated with a professional association of over six thousand members and subscribers of like-minded somatic psychotherapists, body-mind practitioners and more.

    2. Affiliation
    Support an association advocating for and producing positive results for somatic psychotherapy and body-mind awareness nationally and around the world. You become part of a larger community that empowers you to get involved in issues affecting your profession and personal quality of life.

  • 3. Networking and Referrals
    Network with somatic practitioners, build your contacts, share ideas, discuss best practices and solutions to enhance your work, and find opportunities for career enhancement. Networking events range from listing yourself in our directory to monthly webinars followed by clinical discussions, to networking at our biennial conference. We are working to grow the demand for somatic therapy, find-a-therapist placements, referrals, and SEO for practitioner websites.
    4. Promote Your Events
    Make your events know in our events section promoted worldwide.

    5. Find A Therapist
    Listing in our directory (to specified member types) is included and gives you national exposure to the growing population seeking somatic therapists or integrative body-mind practitioners. 

    6. Free or Discounted Educational Opportunities
    Receive free or reduced registration fees at all USABP-sponsored educational events. Membership includes listing your events, member-only discounts, access to 12+ educational events per year, full access to our webinar archive, and more.

    7. Publications and News Updates
    Be informed about emerging issues relevant to our industry in ways that save you time and keep you on the cutting edge of research and treatment.

    • The International Body Psychotherapy Journal (IBPJ)

        • Published in association with the European Association for Body Psychotherapy

        • (EABP), the Journal covers the spectrum of academic developments, evolving clinical practices, and interdisciplinary viewpoints within the field of somatic psychology and body psychotherapy.  

  • The Journal is included in your membership and you are invited to participate as an author, peer, or book reviewer.

    Learn more at:

    • Viewpoints blog at USABP
      This member-driven blog spotlights therapeutic questions and solutions, shares opinions, raises public awareness, and contributes to shaping our national mental health policy. Viewpoints helps members and the general public stay current with the world of somatic psychology and body-mind integrative practices.

  •       For the Viewpoint mission:
          For additional Information:

    • Highlights newsletter 
      Priority access to advertising in our emailed monthly newsletter

    • Members-Only section
      Post articles, video clips, book chapters, and interesting information about our field.

    8. Biennial Conference
    The biennial conference provides networking and quality education. Membership gives you an invitation to present at the conference and a significant attendance discount. 

    9. Public Policy and Advocacy
    Contribute to strengthening our advocacy programs centered on assuring that somatic psychology and embodied voices are heard. Members can keep track of mental health issues under consideration by state and federal legislatures and participate in legislative updates. 

    10. Leadership Opportunities
    Opportunities are available to serve on the Board, committees, and special projects.These are opportunities to learn and practice leadership and management skills that you may need for your resume, professional growth, or self-promotion.

    11. Awards and Recognition
    You can be recognized or can recognize your colleagues for their professional achievements. Some of our heroes work right next to us every day! Together we celebrate new milestones in our field.


USABP provides an important tool for cross-pollination — a focal point from which the vital contributions of somatic psychology and body-mind integrative therapies can take their place on the world stage.

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