Integral Somatic Psychology

A master training for increasing clinical effectiveness by integrating body, energy, and consciousness into any psychological process – Raja Selvam, PhD

Of late, mainstream psychology has found that being aware of and supporting body sensations, discharge, and movement during psychological processes can bring about great improvements in treatment effectiveness. However, this embodiment project in mainstream psychology is in its infancy, in theory and technique, relative to what is possible. Therefore, clinicians who are already working with clients psychologically and somatically can further increase the effectiveness and efficiency of their work if they were to increase their knowledge of

a) the neurology and physiology of emotions and other psychological experiences in the physical body,
b) the physiological and psychological functions of the different elements in the energy body, and
c) how an individual’s physical and energy bodies are physiologically and psychologically regulated by the three collective bodies that they are integral parts of.

Drawing from Western and Eastern psychology, scientific research on the neurology and physiology of psychological experiences, empirical research from body psychotherapy schools, and bodywork, movement, and energy work traditions, Integral Somatic Psychology (ISP) offers, through theory and practice, experienced clinicians with prior psychological and somatic training a brief master training (of 12 days taught in three four-day modules) in how to further increase one’s clinical effectiveness considerably, through helping clients to embody more levels of their psyche.

Continuing Education Credits – APA, ASWB, MFT, NASW, NBCC, Nurses (ANCC, BRN), NYSBSW (New York Social Work)


SelvamRajaRaja Selvam, PhD is a senior trainer in Peter Levine’s Somatic Experiencing (SE) professional trauma training’s and the developer of Integral Somatic Psychology (ISP) approach. He teaches in as many as twenty countries in Asia, Europe, North and South Americas, and the Middle East.

Interview on ISP in Somatic Perspectives

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