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radical aliveness institute


New Class Trainings will commence when Covid-19 issues allow it. 
Current classes will matriculate.

Contact us to be included in updates for the beginning of the next class start and for upcoming events, special trainings and workshops. 

Training Program location:
15600 Mulholland Drive
Los Angeles, CA

(310) 751-0606

The Radical Aliveness Institute Training is unique in the world.

It is world work where we learn to apply somatic theories and techniques in culturally diverse settings and with deep sensitivity.

It is personal work that is liberating, empowering and transformational.

The Radical Aliveness Institute (RAI) offers a 2- year Leadership and Self-transformation program and a 4-year Professional Certification program. Plus stand-alone workshops and retreats for CEs in the US and around the world. Click for more information.


LMFT, LEP, LCSW, LPCC, teachers, practitioners, healers, organizational workers, missionaries, coaches, and change makers.


Comprehensive training in the Radical Aliveness Group Process, a cutting edge technology for group facilitation and participation. This technique provides a quantum leap in the healing capacity of groups. It fosters the development of individual leadership through group dynamics. It cultivates the ability to be inclusive and collaborative. It furthers the capacity to create healing on the world and social levels.

Training in the theories of and practical application of somatic psychotherapy

  • Teachings in body/mind theory (we have evolved from the Reichian and Core Energetics model)
  • Training in somatic psychology (Core Energetics theories and techniques- evolved to be held with cultural sensitivity)
  • Radical Aliveness techniques for group and individual process
  • Practical application of somatic techniques for personal, interpersonal and systemic intervention and healing;

Training in container building for cultural sensitivity and deep emotional process work;
Introduction to the concept of perceptual filter;

•Practical experience of the ways in which socialization affects our assumptions, perceptions, beliefs and values.

This is mandatory for the Radical Aliveness contextual complexity work, which goes beyond mainstream concepts of diversity theory. Our training cultivates an awareness of and sensitivity to national and cross-national complexity.

An ongoing environment conducive to:

  • Processing conflict- learn to stand in the face of powerful emotions and stay present
  • Listening- cultivate curiosity and the ability to stay in the conversation
  • Expressing truth – be in a laboratory where you can find your authenticity and express yourself
  • Holding divergent points of view simultaneously – grow your container and find the world inside of you
  •  Understanding self-responsibility and mutuality – know that you are the creator of all you are part of
  •  Opening to a full flow of energy – find your life force and embrace it

Students learn Radical Aliveness experientially through participating, connecting, and unmasking within a group context. Click for more information.

This unique work is enabled by the qualifications and mastery of a highly experienced faculty. Each member of our foundational faculty has been a leader in the somatic awareness, psychotherapy, complexity and/or healing fields for decades.

Our faculty is chosen for their ability to be deeply present, to hold complex and powerful energies and to work from a non-shaming heart.
Click here for more information.

The Radical Aliveness Institute envisions a just and openhearted world in which all voices are heard, validated and honored and every individual is inspired and free to make their full contribution to the whole. Click here for more information.

Our mission is to train committed individuals to be courageous leaders and influential change agents, acting with flexibility and sensitivity in any environment.

A foundational value and goal is to provide a learning and working environment of the highest level of personal and organizational integrity, personal responsibility, openhearted connection, transparency and respect for all voices.

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