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The Parkmore institute

The Parkmore Institute is proud to offer a unique professional doctorate that is specifically designed for the needs of practicing body psychotherapists and experts working in the field of bodymind healing.

The Doctor of Bodymind Healing ('DBH') degree is not a clinical training, but rather a scholarly distinction that can be earned by any practitioner who has graduated a recognized training program in body psychotherapy and is working actively in this field.

Graduation requires the submission of a Doctoral Project which ‑‑‑ unlike the traditional PhD ‑‑‑ does not have to be based on original research.  Rather, it can be a scholarly account of the individual's professional activities and expertise.

Each doctoral degree program is tailored to the individual's specific needs and interests, and the work leading up to the writing of the Doctoral Project is mentored one‑on‑one by one of the Parkmore Institute's distinguished Faculty.  There are no residency requirements and no required courses that might be irrelevant to the Doctoral Candidate's interests.  Thus, the degree is becoming the professional doctorate of distinction in the field of Body Psychotherapy, and meets the needs for further education ‑‑‑ as well as the distinction of a doctoral degree ‑‑‑ for individuals who are already qualified and practicing at the master's level in one of the specialties of Body Psychotherapy.

Our distinguished Faculty and Doctoral Graduates include such eminent individuals as:

Barnaby B. Barratt, PhD, DHS, author of The Emergence of Somatic Psychology and Bodymind Therapy, past President of the "American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists."  His fuller bio is on

Greg Johanson, PhD, is an internationally distinguished Hakomi trainer and founder of the Hakomi Institute.  He authored Grace Unfolding with Ron Kurtz, and co-edited Hakomi Mindfulness-Centered Body Psychotherapy with Halko Weiss. He is now Editor of the Hakomi Forum, and deeply committed to advancing the DBH degree.

Herbert K. Grassman, PhD, internationally recognized expert in trauma research and treatment, founder of the Institute for Structural Core Therapy and Somatic Memory and Director of the European Institute for Somatic Trauma Therapy, as well as Chair of Research for the European Association of Body Psychotherapists.

Beth Haessig, PsyD, was recently President of the United States Association for BodyPsychotherapy and practices in New Jersey.  She is trained as an Energetic Practitioner and a Kripalu Yoga Teacher, with additional expertise in the Trauma Resiliency Model, LifeForce Yoga, psychodrama and neurofeedback.

Halko Weiss, DipPsych., DBH., is one of Hakomi's preeminent senior trainers Internationally and has authored over 20 professional publications as well as 8 books.  Dr Weiss was a co-founder of Hakomi Institutes in the USA, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.  He has developed several method for couples therapy.

Zelaika S. Hepworth Clarke, MSW, PhD, is a sexologist who specializes in cultural and clinical issues, as well as the philosophy of somatic and sexological phenomena. She has done research in Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Trinidat, Jamaica, Netherlands, and Cuba.  She is passionate about engaged scholarship and autoethnography.

Wade H. Cockburn, PhD, trained with the Santa Barbara Graduate Institute before earning his doctorate at the Chicago School. He is a Director of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology.  Hepractices Relational Somatic Psychology, Ahern's Therapeutic Massage, Pranic Energy Healing, and Yoga.

M. Cedar Barstow, MEd, DPS, is well known as a senior Hakomi trainer. She has made a specialty of teaching workshops on the uses, misuses and abuses of power.  Her influential book,  Right Use of Power: The Heart of Ethics,: A Guide and Resource for Professional Relationships, has recently been republished in its 10th Anniversary Edition.

This Faculty is eager to assist any practicing Body Psychotherapist to work toward earning a professional doctorate in their field, the Doctor of Bodymind Healing.  For those who have not graduated a recognized program in Body Psychotherapy, the Doctor of Psychosocial Studies ('DPS') offers an alternate path open to any student with interests appropriate to our Faculty's areas of expertise.

For further information, please study the website and contact the Director of Studies, Dr Barnaby B. Barratt at or at


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