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the realization process

Workshops and teacher certification trainings are offered by Judith Blackstone throughout the United States and online, and by certified Realization Process practitioners throughout the world.

The Realization Process is a somatic approach to psychological healing, relational healing, and nondual spiritual realization. It is a series of practices for attuning to fundamental consciousness pervading our body and environment as a unity. These practices cultivate an experience of internal cohesion, authenticity, increased vitality, and the integration of cognition, emotion and physical sensation. Combined with verbal dialogue, specific Realization Process practices apply fundamental consciousness to the release of somatically bound protective patterns that were formed in response to early traumatic relationships. Teacher certification trainings focus on the embodiment, meditation and psychological healing aspects of the Realization Process. Advanced certification training focuses on recovery from trauma.

The teacher certification programs prepare and authorize you to use the Realization Process professionally. Along with the Realization Process practices, they teach how to remain embodied and attuned to fundamental consciousness while sitting with a client, and how to discern the subtle protective organizations and the changes that occur within the internal space of the client’s body and in one’s own body during a therapeutic session.

Read Judith Blackstone's new book: Trauma and the Unbound Body: the Healing Power of Fundamental Consciousness.

Additional Reading: Belonging Here, by Judith Blackstone.

Oneness and Individuation

The main Realization Process practices approach the openness of nondual realization through inhabiting the internal space of the body. Wherever we have inward contact with our body, we are open and responsive to our environment. When we inhabit our body as a whole, we uncover a subtle, unified experience of fundamental consciousness pervading our body and environment at the same time. This means that we can know ourselves as individuals, at the same time as we transcend our individuality.

Healing from Trauma

In the Realization Process, accessing and knowing ourselves as fundamental consciousness is understood to be crucial for psychological health. Trauma disrupts our internal cohesion, either through the intensity if its impact, or through the constrictions that we ourselves create to protect against it. Uncovering the primary unified ground of ourselves can help recover us from trauma. It heals both the fragmentations within our individual being and the fragmentations between our internal experience and our experience of the world around us.

Fundamental consciousness is experienced as stillness, within which all of the content of our experience—our thoughts, emotions, sensations, and perceptions—flow. As fundamental consciousness, we can remain open to the unobstructed flow of experience without losing our underlying wholeness and stability. We gain a sense of both our own authenticity, of becoming who we really are, and of spontaneity, of being able to respond to life without fear of overwhelm or annihilation.

The Realization Process approaches recovery from trauma in two ways: by directly facilitating body-mind integration through inhabiting the internal space of our body, and through specific practices that, along with verbal dialogue and insight, release the trauma-based constrictions in the fascia that obstruct our ability to inhabit our body.

Healing Relationships

The Realization Process includes a series of practices for couples to attune to fundamental consciousness together. Embodying and knowing ourselves as fundamental consciousness is the basis of our true boundaries. We can experience oneness with other people while remaining inwardly attuned to our own needs and responses. When two people attune to this ground together, they experience that they are “made of” the same one consciousness. They also experience resonance between the essential (unconstructed) qualities of their being, such as their love, power, sexuality, and understanding. They can also perceive and receive each other with less projection, distortion and reactivity.

Embodiment and Movement

The Realization Process also includes a series of movement practices for embodying and moving as fundamental consciousness. As this ground dimension of ourselves, we perceive, understand, touch and move with our whole being. We become both empty and present at the same time

Judith Blackstone, Ph.D.

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