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Soul's Body Center

For More Information:
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Tina Stromsted, Ph.D., MFT, LPCC, BC-DMT, RSME/T is a Jungian Analyst, licensed psychotherapist, Board Certified Dance/Movement Therapist, and Somatics Educator. With forty years of clinical experience, she offers Somatic psychotherapy, Jungian analysis, private groups, international workshops, and consultation. Her numerous articles and book chapters explore the integration of body, brain, psyche and soul in healing and transformation.

Dr. Stromsted is the developer and founder of Soul’s Body® Center, providing a unique integration of Jungian Depth Psychology and embodied practices including Authentic Movement, Marion Woodman’s BodySoul Work®, Somatics, the Creative Arts Therapies and other conscious practices that engage body, brain, psyche, soul, nature & community.

Dreamdancing®, developed by Dr. Stromsted in the 1980’s, integrates verbal dream sharing with embodied methods such as Authentic Movement, structured movement explorations, Formative psychology, somatic awareness, vocal work, drawing and writing. These practices engage the energies, feelings and action of the dream to help bring the dream’s message to consciousness through lived experience.


Programs involve workshops, week-long intensives, workshops, and consultation. Topics include:
– Authentic Movement as a pathway to transformation
– Embodied Alchemy
– Healing trauma through movement
– Marion Woodman and the Embodied Soul
The Divine Feminine & Sacred Marriage
– The Living Body in Analysis
– Jung Embodied
– Seeking the Creative Shadow
– The Dreaming Body
– Embodied Wisdom: Jung, Neuroscience and Authentic Movement
– Dancing our Spirit Animals
– Birthing the Moment: Initiation and Creativity in the Therapeutic Process

Who Can Benefit:

Therapists will have an opportunity to gain an embodied understanding of the somatic intricacies in the therapeutic relationship, enhancing their ability to be present in a more vital, compassionate, and increasingly conscious way.

Health Care Providers gain access to embodied resources, enhanced self-care, & intuitive and creative avenues for addressing health care challenges.

Artists will have an opportunity to move through old patterns, and to reconnect with the freedom, uniqueness, & lifeblood of their own aesthetic impulse.

Educators may replenish by returning to the wisdom of the body as our original text - as the senses provide pathwasy to knowledge, and engage a variety of leaning styles.

Those who seek will have an opportunity to embody questions of the spirit, openness to the unknown, and appreciation for the life's sacred dimension.

Upcoming Programs:

Get event details for Witnessing Presence: Body as Compass - An International Authentic Movement Retreat  (June 29 - July 5, 2019)

Please Visit Tina’s Website for More Information:


Webinars for CEUs:

Interviews/Radio Podcasts: or 

A new Interview on the Shift Network’s Dream Work Summit:  "DreamDancing: Embodying Your Dreams":

Publications and  articles:

Video clips:

Here are a few articles that give some background for this work:

Stromsted, T. (July, 2018). Embracing the Body, Healing the Soul, C.G. Jung Society of Atlanta Newsletter.

Stromsted, T. (Summer, 2009). Authentic Movement: A dance with the divine. Body Movement and Dance in Psychotherapy Journal. 4(3), 201-213.

Stromsted, T. (2007). The Dancing Body in Psychotherapy: Reflections on Somatic Psychotherapy and Authentic Movement. In P. Pallaro (Ed.), Authentic Movement: Moving the Body, Moving the Self, Being Moved: A Collection of Essays. Volume II. Philadelphia: Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 202-220.

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