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somatic therapy center

To live fully is to live embodied, which means linking body, mind, heart, and soul

We at The Somatic Therapy Center hold the conviction that the BODY is the Keeper of Truth, the Holder of Wisdom and the Way-shower to Wholeness and Health.

TOUCH is the Gateway.
YOU are the Guide.
Transformation is the journey.

For over 30 years, the founders Joe Weldon and Noël Wight, have been touching people and transforming lives. Their work, Transformative Touch, is the touch of gentle, gracious guidance. It is an approach that combines touching with their hands, touching with their hearts, and touching with their words. Transformative Touch is a conversation that fosters and forges a healing dialogue in which the client fully participates- body, mind, heart and soul.

Transformative Touch connects knowledge with experience through the nervous system and creates the space for the soul to be inhabited by the body and the body to be inhabited by the soul. Our soul is our deepest identity- our unique blueprint. Through Transformative Touch we invite the natural inherent essence of our clients back to the fore creating more balance and harmony in both their inner and outer lives. (read more)

Our intent is to awaken people to the wisdom inherent in the body and how to access it.

We live our lives in our bodies and experience the world through our senses. Our nervous system is the mediator and registers our responses. Therapy that doesn’t engage the information that the body offers is neglecting important wisdom.
We, therefore, look to the body as a reliable resource, ally, and guide.
Your body has been your companion through all of life’s events and it knows in its muscles, nerve fibers-its very cells-the story of YOU.
Your body is where your emotions live, where your thoughts occur, where your soul dwells and where your wisdom abides.

In Transformative Touch we work with the nervous system, guiding clients to:
• Create new & awakened relationships to their bodies.
• Give attention, care & compassion to the sensations of their bodies for sensations are how the body communicates its wisdom.
• Restore movement in their bodies, for movement is the key to life which unlocks the full expression of Self.
• Express emotions long held in the body.
• Experience more ease and freedom in their body & their life.
• Relieve pressure and stress to open space for more peace & joy.
• Connect to their sacred and immutable wholeness that is the Source for all healing.

The Somatic Therapy Center offers individual sessions, workshops, webinars and a certificate training program that has passed the test of time.

Training in Transformative Touch:

Whether you want to use the skills you acquire to start your own somatic therapy practice, or to enhance work you are already doing, the Somatic Therapy Center training offers you an opportunity to take the next step in your career.

Using all available technologies, our training programs combine the ease of learning from home through webinars and video with the invaluable experience of hands-on practical training in a community of fellow travelers.

The training is designed for: 

• Bodyworkers who are looking to add to their skill set by learning how emotions, memories, and beliefs are stored in the body.
• Talk therapists who are ready to discover how a body integrated approach can support their clients’ deep healing.
• People who are ready for a career change and are drawn to the helping and healing arts.

Our training program begins with:

Level One:

In this foundational course you will learn the underlying principles of Transformative Touch and the basic skills to effectively work with clients to help them become aware of their bodies as an invaluable ally and resource. They will learn to recognize and listen to the language of the body through attention and awareness. You will learn how to establish safety in the nervous system. Since heart, mind, body, and soul are inseparable, accessing one accesses all. As a somatic therapist your focus will be on the “soma” – the body as experienced from within.

Through heightened awareness you will help your clients to make new choices as to how they want to live and move. This course forms the bedrock of all that follows in the next two training levels.

Once the course requirements are complete for any level, you can seek certification from the certifying board of The Somatic Therapy Center. You will be certified as a Somatic Therapist. Once certified you can choose to remain practicing at this level or you may choose to continue on to the next level. The skills of each level are layered organically.

Level Two:

Your focus is on the body of emotions. Resourcing the body, you will guide your clients along the path of emotional competence. You will help them befriend their emotions and recognize that emotions are a full-body experience. Emotions are information and create a dependable personal GPS system.You will help them orient to where emotions live and how emotions move in their bodies.Together you will navigate emotional expressions and release.You will also explore how the soul illuminates the emotional heart.

Your somatic skills will also be expanded to support this next level of exploration.

Level Three:

The body remains the resource, but the focus expands to include an exploration of the relationship between body & belief. You will identify core beliefs, family of origin dynamics, and other relational injuries that are imprinted on the soma and the psyche. You will recognize and help repair attachment patterns through attuned responses and Transformative Touch. Again your bodywork vocabulary is developed and interconnected with the dialogue development.

Curriculum for each level includes:

15- Biweekly webinars held live and/or online.Each has a complementary assignment of specific readings, videos, responsive writing or exercises.

2 – Six day in person hands on training for interactive practice and guidance. Plus an additional 3 day onsite for completion, closure, and certification.

25-35 practice client hours with volunteers from your home community supported by individual faculty mentoring.

Private Facebook group for ongoing support.

Easy online access to all curriculum material and client forms

A seasoned Faculty committed to your learning.

6 -Individual private sessions that give you first-hand experience of Transformative Touch.

3 Training Sites: Philadelphia, PA, Northport, Long Island, NY, Santa Cruz area, CA

For more information:

Phone: 215-659-1495

The Somatic Therapy Center
2375 Terwood Rd
Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006

Joe Weldon, Co-founder of the Somatic Therapy Center, is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Master Somatic Therapist with over 30 years of teaching people from around the world to become somatic practitioners. Having given over 50,000 individual sessions, he is a experienced guide in the art of Transformative Touch. Joe has taught at the School of Social Work at the University of Pennsylvania as well as at Villanova University. He is a true believer in the innate wisdom of the whole being and the healing power of humor.


Noel Wight is a Master Somatic Therapist and a Co- Founder of the Somatic Therapy Center who brings over 28 years of experience to her work.Together with her husband, Joe  she has presented workshops at Omega Institute, Esalen, as well as at various conferences . She is passionately committed to helping people connect what’s happening in their bodies to what’s happening in their lives allowing them to heal from both physical and emotional pain.” Touch brings you home to your Self” is her guiding mantra. Whether seeing individual clients, presenting workshops or training practitioners of Transformative Touch, Noel provides a clear beacon of light and compassionate presence on the journey to their fullest self.

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