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international institute for bioenergetic analysis


Contact Information

IIBA – International Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis

C/ dels Ametllers, 6 | 08670 Navàs Barcelona | Spain


Phone: +34 936 007 448

Local Chapters:

Austin Society for Bioenergetic Analysis

Bioenergetic Society of Northern California

Dallas Society for Bioenergetic Analysis

Massachusetts Society for Bioenergetic Analysis

New York Society for Bioenergetic Analysis

Southern California Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis

Southern California Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis:
SCIBA Certification program for Bioenergetic Analysis:
Application for certification program:
Information about our Somatic Relational One year program:
2023 Southern California Bioenergetic Conference:

International chapters can be found below. 

What is Bioenergetic Analysis ?

Bioenergetic Analysis is a specific form of body-psychotherapy – based upon the continuity between body and mind – rooted in the work of Wilhelm Reich and founded by Alexander Lowen.

BA basically combines a bodily, analytic and relational therapeutic work, based upon an energetic understanding.

Bioenergetic Analysis helps to release chronic muscular tensions, manage affects, expand the capacity for intimacy, heal sexual difficulties and learn new, more fulfilling ways of relating to others. Tenderness, aggression, assertion – and their confluence in sexuality – are seen as core lifesaving forces. The therapeutic relationship provides a place of safety in which healing begins.

The therapist reads the body, resonates with its energy, feels the emotions, listens, hears and answers the words. The language of the body (posture/gesture, breathing, motility, expression) is on focus as it indicates the status on the way to personhood – from the past to the present and future. Techniques are used which address the energetic aspect of the individual, including her self-perception, self-expression, and self-possession. These also include work with body contact, boundaries, grounding, and the understanding of muscular tensions as indications of somatic and psychological defenses against past trauma. The goal of therapy is more than the absence of symptoms – it is having aliveness, getting a taste of pleasure, joy, love – vibrant health.

What to expect in Bioenergetic Therapy?


The history of Bioenergetic Analysis


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Bioenergetic Analysis as a Practice

Bioenergetic Analysis as Therapy

List of international societies / chapters affiliated to the IIBA:


Atlantic Canada Society for Bioenergetic Analysis

Central Canada Society for Bioenergetic Analysis

Société Québécoise d'Analyse Bioenergétique

Southern Ontario Society for Bioenergetic Analysis

Western Canada Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis (without web site)


Austria: Die Österreichische Gesellschaft für körperbezogene Psychotherapie - Bioenergetische Analyse

Belgium: Société Belge d'Analyse Bioenergétique

France: Collège Français d'Analyse Bioénergétique

France: Institut d'Analyse Bioenergétique France Sud

France: Société Française d'Analyse Bio-Energétique

Germany: GBA e. V. (Gesellschaft für Bioenergetische Analyse e.V.)

Germany: Kölner Institut für Bioenergetische Analyse

Germany: Norddeutsches Institut für Bioenergetische Analyse e.V.

Germany: Süddeutsche Gesellschaft für Bioenergetische Analyse e.V.

Israel: Israeli Society for Bioenergetic Analysis

Italy: Istituto Italiano di Formazione in Analisi Bioenergetica

Italy: Società Medica Italiana di Self Analisi Bioenergetica

Italy: Società Italiana di Analisi Bioenergetica

Poland: Polskie Stowarzyszenie Analizy Bioenergetycznej

Portugal: Associação Portuguesa de Análise Bioenergética

Russia: Moscow Training Group

Russia: Perm Society Bioenergetic Analysis (without web page)

Scandinavia: Norsk Institutt for Bioenergetikk

Spain: Asociación de Análisis Bioenergético de Madrid

Spain: L’Associació Catalana en l’Anàlisi Bioenergètica

Spain: Euskal Herriko eta Inguruko Analisi Bioenergetikako Elkartea

Switzerland: Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Bioenergetische Analyse und Therapie

Latin America:

Argentina: Instituto Argentino de Análisis Bioenergético

Brazil: Instituto de Análise Bioenergética de São Paulo

Brazil: Instituto Ânima de Saúde e Educação

Brazil: Associação de Análise Bioenergética do Nordeste

Brazil: Instituto Neo-reichiano Lumen Ribeirão Preto

Brazil: Sociedade de Análise Bioenergética do Rio de Janeiro

Brazil: Sociedade Brasileira de Analise Bioenergetica

Brazil: Instituto de Análise Bioenergética do Centro Oeste do Brasil

Colombia: Colombia Training Group


The New Zealand Society for Bioenergetic Analysis


China: China Training Group (without web site)

About Our Founder, Alexander Lowen

Dr. Alexander Lowen was born December 23, 1910, the first of two children of Jewish parents who emigrated to the USA from Russia. The family atmosphere was often very stressful. He spent a lonely childhood and adolescence playing in the streets of Harlem and engaged in physical activities, such as playing handball.

Alexander Lowen received a bachelor’s degree in science and business from City College of New York, and a Doctorate in Law (JSD) in 1936, at Brooklyn Law School (New York, USA) and his Doctorate in Medicine (MD) in 1951 at the University of Geneva (Switzerland).

During his youth, he practiced regular physical activity and sports: yoga, rhythmic gymnastics, based on Emile-Jacques Dalcroze method (“body movement as an expression of being”) and Jacobson relaxation (control of muscle tone and breathing).

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