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Tools For Your Clients (and you too)

17 Mar 2021 12:50 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

The Mind-Body Stress Reset
By Rebekkah LaDyne MS, SEP, and Author

If you are like almost all the therapists I know, including myself, you are finding that your clients need more support now than nearly any time previously.  Most of my colleagues are in high demand, seeing their own personal maximum of clients, and feeling the pressures of client’s increased stress levels compounded by their own increased stress levels.  We could use some help! Our clients could use some additional help too.  And as we commonly only see our clients for one or possibly two hours each week, having some tools to offer them between sessions can be deeply helpful for client and practitioner alike.  


I wrote The Mind-Body Stress Reset well before the pandemic began, but uncannily the first copies hit the shelves—and websites—the month many State’s shutdowns began.  I believe that any book is a labor of love, and I undertook this labor so our current and prospective clients would have an easy-to-read manual for building a toolkit to use between sessions, or after treatment concluded.  The Mind-Body Stress Reset, Somatic Practices to Reduce Overwhelm and Increase Well-Being, is full of self-help skills backed by solid scientific research, and it’s written in a way that keeps it lighthearted and even playful—even extreme stress can be aided by some humor.  I wrote it because I needed such a manual during my own period of crisis.  The book was born out of my very real experiences of very real anxiety and extreme stress, and the tools within it are still my go-tos today.


I believed that others who found themselves suddenly struggling more than they ever had before (as I had) would find my book helpful, comforting even.   I knew it was needed, but I couldn’t have known how needed these self-help skills were going to be when all of our worlds shifted.  And here we are, living inside that shift.  If you could use some help supporting your clients during this extraordinary time, I hope you’ll consider reading The Mind-Body Stress Reset yourself and teaching some of the skills within it in your own voice, or recommending your clients read it themselves and incorporate its tools into their week when they are not able to be with you.  Either approach could significantly lessen their stress, and by extension, yours.


I hope you are finding some ease during these challenging times, and most importantly, receiving support yourself.  I sincerely believe that we have to fill our own vessel if we want to help others fill theirs.


**The Mind-Body Stress Reset, Somatic Practices to Reduce Overwhelm and Increase Well-Being is out in paperback now, and the audiobook is due to be released in April 2021.


Available wherever books are sold:


Barnes & Noble

Indie Bound – independent bookstores




1321 Antoine Dr.
Houston, TX 77055


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