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Offering workshops and trainings in the Hakomi Method worldwide

“Hakomi presents some astounding methods for getting to core material. It is well grounded in theory and revolutionary in its results.”

– Association of Humanistic Psychology Newsletter

“A visionary contribution to mindfulness in psychotherapy.”
– Daniel Siegel, author of “The Mindful Therapist”, “The Developing Mind” and “Mindsight”

“Hakomi is an excellent system for developing key emotional intelligence skills.”
– Daniel Goleman, author of “Emotional Intelligence”

Founded in 1981 by Ron Kurtz and a core group of trainers, the Hakomi Institute is the original and most extensive organization worldwide providing training and information on Hakomi Experiential Psychotherapy.

Our website ( provides in-depth info about Hakomi, including an international Directory of Practitioners, a Calendar of Workshops and Trainings with links to Hakomi organizations internationally, an online Professional Journal, and many other resources.

Building on the original method developed by Ron Kurtz, over the past 30 years the Institute has enhanced, expanded and refined the Hakomi Method to create updated and highly effective trainings for professionals and graduate students. We teach the complete Comprehensive and Professional Trainings in the Hakomi Method, offering the full spectrum of effective, applicable Hakomi Therapy skills for professionals, clinicians and graduate students in counseling, psychotherapy, social work, and related fields. Trainings include an integration of leading-edge discoveries in the psychotherapy field (including neuroscience, trauma and attachment research) to support professionals in their work. These discoveries both illuminate how and why the Hakomi Method is effective, and inform our curriculum and teaching approaches. Our trainings also focus on evocative, transformational personal development for practitioners.

The Hakomi Method is an elegant, comprehensive, and uniquely effective approach to psychotherapy, human development and change. It integrates the Eastern principles of non-violence and mindfulness with an experiential somatic methodology originated by Ron Kurtz. These innovative techniques have been further developed by the Hakomi Institute, including the integration of current discoveries in neuroscience, to create a highly effective and applicable training for professionals. Typical therapy outcomes include lasting changes in deeply held emotional attitudes, beliefs and behavior.

For over 30 years Hakomi has pioneered and integrated the use of mindfulness in the psychodynamic process. When integrated with unique Hakomi techniques this creates an experiential access route to core material, deepening therapy beyond insight and words. It allows us to rapidly access the unconscious beliefs and early experiences which shape our lives, relationships, and self-perceptions, often without our knowledge. When unconscious, this hidden material creates projections, conflict and disharmony in our interactions and inner lives. Once conscious and directly experienced, these patterns are available for transformation and re-integration. Powerful emotions, memories, and trauma may surface at times during the process and these are handled gently and effectively. Attachment issues often emerge, and Hakomi is particularly effective in working with these.

The experiential nature of Hakomi often allows professionals using talk therapy as a primary modality to discover new avenues to access key unconscious patterns quite rapidly. Although safe and gentle, this experiential process evokes a powerful “felt sense” for the client, allowing them to take deeper ownership of core material, its integration, and resulting changes. Hakomi resonates with Frieda Fromm Reichman’s words: “The patient needs an experience, not an explanation.”

Hakomi is a body-centered, somatic psychotherapy. The body is viewed as a “map of the psyche” – a door that can be opened to reveal the entire character and belief system of the individual. The body’s structures and habitual patterns become powerful “indicators” – subtle access routes to unconscious and evocative core material.

Loving presence and the healing relationship are also central to Hakomi. Practitioners develop an exquisite sensitivity and attunement to others – both their conscious and unconscious material – and enhance their ability to convey this recognition. This creates a deep sense of safety and connection, and engages the “cooperation of the unconscious.”

The training facilitates the emergence of the “essence” of the practitioner. Research shows that this therapeutic presence and the healing relationship it facilitates are among the most significant factors in the effectiveness of therapy. The self-awareness and process of the Hakomi student therefore become essential aspects in their evolution as therapists.

Current neuroscience is also revealing the basis for the effectiveness of mindfulness, loving presence, empathic attunement, limbic resonance, and other aspects of Hakomi Therapy. Neuropsychology is integrated into a user-friendly framework throughout the training.

As a depth psychology, Hakomi is a direct, empowering, and experiential process; and the material is also integrated cognitively and neurologically for the client. The Hakomi Method is effective for both brief and long-term therapy, in a wide range of therapeutic applications including work with individuals, couples, groups and organizations.

Curriculum Highlights

– The Hakomi Principles and Techniques
– The Psychodynamic Use of Mindfulness
– The Neuroscience of Hakomi
– Empathic Attunement and Limbic Resonance
– Loving Presence and The Healing Relationship
– The Body as Map of the Psyche
– The Experimental Attitude
– Embracing Resistance and Defenses
– Developmental Issues and the Missing Experience
– Integrated Attachment Theory
– Creating Safety in Group Dynamics
– Applying Systems Theory in Hakomi
– Recognizing and Containing Traumatic Activation
– Ethics as Right Use of Power

For a detailed description of the Comprehensive Training and curriculum, please see our brochure: Hakomi Therapy Training 

The training is primarily designed for individuals practicing and/or studying in the fields of psychotherapy, counseling and social work. However, Hakomi training has also proved invaluable when integrated with coaching, group/organizational work, and other healing modalities.

For more information call 303-499-6699 or email
Visit the Hakomi Institute website at or

“Hakomi” is a Hopi Indian word which means ”
Where do you stand in relation to the many realms?”
or more simply, “Who are you?”

What participants have said about the Hakomi Comprehensive Training:

“I have learned more in this training than any other. The practical application of the Hakomi Method is already providing great benefit for my clients, and has had a dramatic effect on my ability to relate to them more deeply and effectively. – Craig Haft, L.C.S.W., New Jersey

“I learned so much, thoroughly enjoyed the people and process, and found the instructors amazing in the breadth and depth of their experience and knowledge” – Pat Waterman, L.C.S.W., Vermont

“An excellent course. The experiential learning and extensive hands-on practice time allows development of genuine proficiency with the therapeutic method, as well as ongoing personal growth for ourselves as practitioners. The Hakomi techniques have deepened and enlivened my work with clients. I am thrilled to have found this work.” – Jo Ann Laveman, L.C.S.W., New Jersey

“To a more “traditionally trained” therapist, this approach is remarkable in its ability to deepen and support an unfolding of experience that is both helpful and surprising to therapist and client.”  – Susan Furrer, Psy.D., New Jersey

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