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usabp conference 2018 sponsorship opportunities

The Science of Connection: 
Honoring our Somatic Intelligence

conference highlights & Sponsorships

The conference features over 80 speakers highlighting the science and practice of embodied relational psychotherapy and discussing new developments in trauma therapy, social justice, sex therapy, dance, and yoga therapies.

Along with dozens of published authors, we are hosting the west coast premiere of the exciting new documentary re-evaluating the legacy of Wilhelm Reich. Join practitioners of countless somatic traditions including Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Somatic Experiencing, Bioenergetics, Core Energetics, Hakomi, Focusing and more!

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Conference Learning Objectives


Facilitated by leading authors and practitioners in the field of Body Psychotherapy, this experiential conference will operationalize the neurobiology and embodied experience of relational connection through a wide variety of didactic and experiential workshops.

Attendees will broaden their understanding of the current new developments underway in the field of Body Psychotherapy. Fishbowl demonstrations and experiential activities that can be readily integrated within any clinical model will help attendees incorporate somatic interventions in their clinical work to more effectively bring coherence to client suffering in these divisive times.

Attendees will be able to:

1) Define relational connection and interpersonal resonance, its risks and protective factors;

2) Incorporate updated interpersonal neurobiology research to enhance relational therapeutic proficiency;

3) Utilize a variety of body-based interventions and verbal and nonverbal approaches to increase interoceptive awareness and somatic regulation;

4) Integrate bidirectional psychobiological bottom up and top down resources for the therapeutic resolution of emotional suffering;

5) Identify personal needs for nourishing connection, healthy boundaries, and biopsychosocial self-care.

2018 Conference Sponsorship

USABP offers several ways to sponsor our conference. 
To become a sponsor, choose one or more of the following options:
  • Platinum –  $ 3,000
  • Diamond –  $ 2,000
  • Gold –  $ 1,550
  • Silver –  $ 1,000
  • Emerald –  $ 500
  • Bronze –  $ 375

All sponsors receive: recognition in the Conference Program. Platinum, Diamond, and Gold Sponsors are listed on the center place cards on each table at the awards dinner and on a slideshow during the reception. Also, a written acknowledgment will be posted on the USABP website with a link to your website, posted from receipt of payment through January 1, 2019.

Advertising deadline is September 3rd.

  • Bronze: $375 Sponsor also receives: a business card size B&W quarter page ad (3″w X 3.5″h) in the conference program.
  • Emerald: $500 Sponsor also receives: an eighth page Color quarter page ad (3″w X 3.5″h) in the conference program, and on the USABP website.
  • Silver: $1,000 Sponsor also receives: a half page B&W ad (6″w X 3.5″h) in the conference program, and on the USABP Website.
  • Gold: $ 1,550 Sponsor also receives: a half page color ad (6″w X 3.5″h) and an exhibitor’s table** one convention registrations, all meals, reception dinner, and special mention on the cover of the program
  • Diamond: $2,000 Sponsor also receives: a full-page B&W ad (6″w X  7″h), an exhibitor’s table**, two convention registrations, all meals, reception dinner, and special mention on the cover of the program
  • Platinum: $3000 Sponsor also receives; a full-page color ad (6″w X 7″h) in both publications, an exhibitor’s table**, three convention registrations, all meals, reception dinner, and special mention on the cover of the program.

**Exhibitor table space is limited. 

All display ads must be submitted print ready via email ( We require a PDF file. Export the file in high resolution (at least 266 dots per inch or higher). Black and white ads cannot have any color in them; gray scale is fine. Watch the hyperlinks. If you have questions, call or email us at the USABP office.

USABP does not endorse any of the products, programs, or services advertised at the training.

To become a sponsor email us at


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