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Freeing your True Self: An Introduction to Hakomi Mindful Somatic Psychology

Through lecture, demonstration and experiential exercises we will discover what habitually limits us deep inside and how to move beyond it. Moshe’ Feldenkrais, pioneer in the field of body psychology quipped, “You can’t do what you want until you know what you’re doing.” Hakomi helps us know what we are doing and how to mindfully find other more satisfying ways of being. Continue reading

Realization Process Spiritual Psychotherapy Certification Training

With Judith Blackstone, PhD. Judith will teach the main Realization Process practices and their application for psychological health and maturity, including how they can help us cultivate resilience to emotional and sensory stimuli, integrate awareness, emotion and sensation, and experience deep connection with other people without losing inward contact with ourselves. She will also discuss how we create and bind constrictions in our body and teach the Realization Process release technique. Continue reading

Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Upcoming Classes – Level I

The Level I Training presents simple, body-oriented interventions for tracking, naming, and safely exploring trauma-related, somatic activation, creating new competencies and restoring a somatic sense of self. Students will learn effective, accessible interventions for identifying and working with disruptive somatic patterns, disturbed cognitive and emotional processing, and the fragmented sense of self experienced by so many traumatized individuals. Techniques are taught within a phase-oriented treatment approach, focusing first on stabilization and symptom reduction. Sensorimotor Psychotherapy can be easily and effectively integrated into psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, and EMDR-focused treatments. Continue reading

Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Upcoming Classes – Level II

Level II – (Washington, Portland, Berkeley) of the Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Training Program illustrates how traumatic, attachment, and developmental issues influence one another and how to provide effective treatment given their inevitable intertwining. In this training, research from the attachment and neuroscience fields provides the theoretical foundation for Sensorimotor Psychotherapy interventions and practices that address the effects of suboptimal and/or traumatic early attachment. Continue reading

Befriending the Inner Critic: An Introduction To Hakomi Mindful Somatic Psychology

October 28-29, 2017 – Austin, TX – Workshop based on the notion that everyone with a conscience has an Inner Critic. This part of ourselves was formed in the psyche during childhood and it is trying to help us in our adult lives. Taught by Rupesh Chhagan, M.S.O.M., L.Ac., Certified Hakomi Teacher Continue reading

Embodied Wisdom – An Introduction to the Hakomi Method

Sunday, December 3, 2017; 9:30-5:00 – Felton, CA – By bringing mindful awareness to the body – our own and our client’s – we begin to develop an exquisite sensitivity and attunement to others. Learn to listen and support the deep intelligence of your client’s physical experience. By slowing down and creating physical experiments in mindfulness, we bring awareness and healing to habitual and limiting patterns. In this one-day workshop, discover key principles of the Hakomi Method through talks, demonstration and experiential learning. Continue reading

Using Mindfulness and the Body to Gently Support Change – An Introduction to Hakomi Experiential Psychotherapy

In this workshop, you will: Learn how to turn awareness inward for self-study, and how mindfulness can infuse this exploration with a sense of curiosity and compassion. Explore ways the body archives experience and expresses our deepest beliefs about life. Practice using mindful experiments and the body to identify and eventually transform unconscious, limiting core beliefs. Continue reading

Anxiety & Overwhelm: Loosening the Chokehold

November 2 to December 7, 2017 – In this class, we use principles of the body-based method called Focusing to explore and practice techniques for relating to feelings differently, without being taken over by them. If feelings are messengers, they will release their grip when the message has been delivered – and the message will almost certainly not be exactly what you thought it was!
There will be a mix of ideas and experiential exercises, with opportunities for discussion. Continue reading

Level One Focusing

Join Lucinda Hayden for 5 Tuesdays, November 8 to December 13, 2017. 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM Pacific Time. Course taught by Zoom, an online video conference platform. Cost: $395 during early registration. Free intro webinar available. 12 CE Units offered. A practical, step-by-step method for taking any problem or stuck situation and finding relief, insight, and new steps of action, so you feel bigger than your problems and in control of your life – and ways to help your clients do this too; and more.. Continue reading

Breema at the Expressive Therapies Summit in Brooklyn, New York

Join us for this 2-hour introductory evening workshop at the Expressive Therapies Summit. No prior experience necessary. Everyone Welcome! Come prepared to relax and enjoy! The nonjudgmental atmosphere created by our use of the Principles is deeply nourishing and enables us to let go of conditioned patterns, so that we can connect to new and more natural ways of moving, thinking, and feeling—- this is translated directly into our atmosphere as we work with clients. Breema’s Principles can be integrated and applied in any profession and in all activities of daily life, helping us to revitalize ourselves and bring greater harmony to all our relationships. Continue reading

Embodied Alchemy: Authentic Movement & the Somatic Unconscious

Please join me for a free Webinar this Saturday, September 23rd at 2pm PST or 5pm EST or wherever you are in the world!

G. Jung brought to light the ancient map of Alchemy, an astonishing guide through the transformational process of becoming one’s true self. Authentic Movement provides a pathway for accessing the somatic unconscious, illuminated through Alchemy. Continue reading

Announcing Healing Shame Certification Program

There is a growing need for therapists and other practitioners who understand how to work with shame. This training provides vital skills that are not taught in most graduate schools or even post-graduate programs. Having these skills can help your clients to heal, since it is unhealed or toxic shame that is at the root of many lifelong issues. The program consists of seven weekend workshops, taken over the course of a year, as well as five private consultations. The program can provide 91 CEUs to MFTs, LCSWs, LPCs and LEDs in California (CAMFT Approved Provider #134393). While it’s recommended that you begin with the Core workshop, the sequence can be started at any time. Continue reading

How to Overcome Self-Judgment and Live a Life of Bravery, Compassion, and Authenticity”

Self-acceptance is one of the most challenging areas of personal growth—yet when we focus on treating ourselves with kindness and compassion we become healthier, more creative, and far more effective in every area of life. With The Self-Acceptance Summit, you’re invited to learn breakthrough insights and techniques from some of today’s top researchers and teachers. Join us Continue reading


How do you know if someone is right for you, or vice versa. Maybe he or she is a distancer, too needy, suppressing sarcasm, hostility, and anger, is not very sexual, or thinks about sex all the time.The workshop I am facilitating in Independence, near Cleveland, Saturday and Sunday, September 16 and 17 will teach you how to read bodies in order to understand if that person will be a help or a hindrance in your life. Continue reading

HEALING SHAME: The Core Workshop Understanding, Transforming and Reducing Shame

This workshop provides essential, basic knowledge of how to work with shame. You will learn what shame is and how it is created, and how to help your clients recognize shame, work through it and move on. We will discuss how to become more sensitive to the shaming often implicit in the therapy situation and how to counter shame in therapy. You will learn to help clients separate feelings of shame from other emotions. And you’ll learn how to take clients back to early shaming situations and reverse the outcome, helping clients move their energy powerfully outward rather than turn it against themselves. Continue reading


Saturday, September 16 & Sunday September 17 – Cleveland Center for Conscious Living, Independence, OH – I am offering a course in body reading this coming September. It is the one of the few I will be doing this year as I am busy with my 2-year professional program starting up again this coming fall of 2017! Continue reading

Ars Alchemica: The Art & Alchemy of Transformation

Tina’s Pre-Conference Workshop: 8/25, 9:30am – 12pm & 1:30pm – 4pm : Embodied Alchemy®: Awakening Spirit in the Body & Tina’s Keynote Session: 8/27, 9:30am – 10:30am (Panel: 11am – 12pm): Body & Soul in Transition Continue reading

“Love, Sex & Self-Respect: Your Body Holds the Keys” Fall Bioenergetic Conference, Essex, MA

Learn about working with the body in therapy. Workshops, keynote talks, experiential groups. Earn 17 CEUs, meet colleagues and enjoy the setting! Continue reading

Level One Focusing

5 Tuesdays, September 19 to October 17, 2017. 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM Pacific Time – In the Focusing Training Program for Healing Professionals, you’ll discover an experiential, body-oriented process of self-awareness and emotional healing that you can immediately bring into your work with clients. Create Better Therapeutic Relationships Continue reading

The Rock and the Hard Place: Exploring the Gifts of Pain

September 19 to October 3, 2017 – Pain and the struggle to not be in pain can dominate our daily reality. The thoughts: “What if this goes on forever?” and the feelings: worry, anxiety, depression, despair – compound the pain itself and sap our energy. Emotional pain can be as bad as physical pain, dragging us down and fogging our brains. When our clients are in pain, it can be much harder to do the work of therapy. Continue reading

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