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When Sex Hurts: A Woman’s Guide to Banishing Sexual Pain

Because it is such a pervasive factor in the lives of many women, it is highly likely that having an understanding of the problem of sexual pain will be useful for therapists and their clients. Because this is an issue that might come up in therapy, the problem warrants greater understanding so that informed guidance can be given. Continue reading

Dream Theater and Yoga Joe’s!

During a recent evening class at Seattle School of Body-Psychotherpy we were experiencing a little creative relief from the more difficult Core Energetics curriculum we were learning during the day. We were exploring the healing potential of the Imaginal Realm through Dream Theater. Continue reading

Neurobiology and Treatment of Traumatic Dissociation: Toward and Embodied Self

Provides 22 chapters of integrative research and clinical applications written by various experts in the fields of affective and cognitive neuroscience, animal research, psychology, and psychiatry, among others. Continue reading

See the new Hakomi book from W.W Norton

The authoritative text on Hakomi methods, theory, and practice. Available now! Edited by Halko Weiss, Greg Johanson, and Lorena Monda, with chapters by Ron Kurtz and the Hakomi faculty Continue reading

Effectiveness of Rhythmic Movement Therapy: Case Study of Subjective Well-Being

The following study was to assess the effectiveness of Rhythmic Movement Therapy (RMT) in improving Subjective Well-Being (SWB) in a non-clinical population. Subjective Well-Being is defined as a person’s declared well-being based on their perceived satisfaction with life or happiness. Continue reading

Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone and Other Acts of Courage

August 30–September 4, 2015 @ Kripalu – This program creates a safe container in which to express a full range of feelings, open your heart, and experience deeper connections to yourself and others. Continue reading

8 Steps To A Pain-Free Back: Remember When It Didn’t hurt.

Her point in the book is that the rampant chronic back pain observed in western cultures and modern societies stems from our poor posture, and that our change in posture is related to specific sociocultural practices. Continue reading

Dynamic PlayShop for Kids 8-10 including Expressive Arts and Movement

Sunday May 17th in Manhattan 2-4 PM – This event is led by two seasoned therapists whose practices go beyond talk therapy, including the Dynamic Play Therapy work of Dennis McCarthy and body-centered Core Energetics to address individual and family needs Continue reading

Recollections of Sexual Abuse: Treatment Principles and Guidelines

Recollections of Sexual Abuse: Treatment Principles and Guidelines is a widely encompassing diagnostic manual for practicing clinicians to assist, frame, and guide in the treatment of sexual abuse recollection. Continue reading

A Healing Workshop for People with OCD

I am running a holistic / somatically focused workshop for people struggling with OCD Sunday June 7th. I will be introducing an innovative approach drawn from somatic, gestalt, buddhist psychology and CBT. This will be very helpful to those who have felt stigmatized or pathologized by their OCD diagnosis as the approach is humanistic and existential. Continue reading

Seattle School of Body-Psychotherapy Presents Find Your Joy

This experiential workshop will give participants the opportunity to experience the basic premises of Body-Psychotherapy that originated with Wilhelm Reich and now integrates Core Energetics and contemporary approaches including somatic approaches, current neurobiology and trauma therapy. Continue reading

Special Opportunity – Somatic Experiencing (SE) Training and Research Study

We are excited to announce an important training opportunity. Space is limited so please sign up soon!
The training will be conducted in Virginia and will include one of our best-trained and highly seasoned teams. Participants in the training will have a chance to be one of the treatment providers in a foundational study on SE. Continue reading

Presence – Releases May 13th

You Don’t Have to Be Tossed Around By Your Emotions Are your clients emotions ruling their lives? Would you like… Continue reading

Biodynamic Psychotherapy for Trauma Recovery: A Pilot Study

The following study was a longitudinal pilot study using pre- and post-tests of standardized surveys measuring depression, anxiety, physical and emotional symptoms, quality of life, social support satisfaction, and social conflict. Biodynamic interventions were delivered to eight women receiving domestic violence support services with SAFE Ireland, a domestic violence shelter. Continue reading

“Don’t Just Wear it Live it”

The ImBODYment clothing line is a concept Aimee and I created while building a Core community in Boston. We realized that the words on our shirts or hanging on our wrists could be taken further than just on own body. What if the words were actively pursued in our daily lives and brought out into our communities? Continue reading

The Body Holds The Key: Healing Trauma – Guided Self Healing

Saturday, April 25th, 2015 – Sunday, April 26th, 2015. All of us have dreams that we wish would come true, yet we are stuck, and we don’t believe it is possible to manifest our dreams. Transform your life and/or your clients lives, too. Learn the most efficient & effective way in one weekend to help others or yourself heal & grow. Continue reading

Mindfullness and Somatics in Experiential Psychotherapy

This workshop is designed for therapists, counselors, social workers, healing professionals and students in these fields. We will experientially learn Hakomi skills and approaches that are immediately applicable, and the workshop also serves as the prerequisite for the Comprehensive Hakomi Training. Continue reading

Join the Leading Edge in Trauma Resolution

Join the leading edge in trauma resolution. SE is becoming recognized as a
premier method for resolving trauma symptoms. Our graduates are increasingly
sought out for referrals based on their SE training. Continue reading

Developmental Somatic Psychotherapy: An Introduction

Ongoing nonverbal interactions with our primary caregivers during the first year of life set a relational foundation that is apparent… Continue reading

Bodywork And Somatic Education™

This workshop will approach the development of human connection by experiencing the role of the structure of the body in relationship. Posture, movement, sensorimotor development and kinesiology are rarely understood as important features in human bonding. Yet, it is through movement and touch that self-regulation develops, dyadic bonding is learned and a sense of self grows. Continue reading

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