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‘Moving Into Meaning’, by Al Pesso

Together with his wife, Diane Boyden-Pesso, Albert Pesso was the co-founder of PBSP (Pesso Boyden System Psychomotor), a widely respected interactive technique that helps clients create new memories to compensate for emotional deficits in the past. He was called one of the 3 living masters of body-based psychotherapy and was chosen in 2012 to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award by the U.S. Assoc. for Body Psychotherapy (USABP). Diane Boyden Pesso died on March 4, 2016. Al died soon thereafter on May 19, 2016.

‘Moving Into Meaning’ is Al Pesso’s chapter for ‘What Sustains Me’. It is a collaborative book. Each chapter is written by a different author, stands on its own, and is released independently. When all chapters are ready, the book will be published as a regular book as well as an e-book. Continue reading

Is Your Cell Phone Getting in the Way of Your Relationship?

I had a client a few years ago who called me very upset because his wife had thrown his Blackberry out the window.

You might be surprised, but attachment injuries can be caused by an electronic device! Continue reading

Connect with your Soul’s Calling

Join Kate Holt and a community of transformation entrepreneurs for a life-changing business training! Continue reading

New book chapter on body awareness and pain: Cynthia Price and Wolf Mehling

A newly published book titled Integrative Pain Management  covers integrative health strategies to address pain.  This book includes a chapter titled “Body Awareness… Continue reading

Somatic Perspectives: Eugene Gendlin

This is in honor of Eugene Gendlin receiving USABP’s Lifetime Achievement Award at the USABP conference, in July. Focusing is… Continue reading

KEYNOTE SPEAKER – BARNABY BARRAT participates in “What Sustains Me”

New chapter for What Sustains Me: Barnaby B. Barratt Barnaby Barratt’s chapter for What Sustains Me is now available as… Continue reading

Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone & Other Acts of Courage – June 26

  June 26 – July 1, 2016 Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health Stockbridge, MA “In the end we only… Continue reading

Eating, Attachment, and Somatic Education Training – June 24th-25th, 2016

Eating disorders are complex, multi-layered, and pernicious. And yet even the best evidenced-based interventions currently available have limited long-term outcomes. Paradoxically, the body, the very stage where the war is waged is often missing in most eating disorder treatment approaches. In recent years there has been burgeoning evidence in the role of the body in emotional regulation. This two-day training integrates theory with experiential and didactic opportunities for professionals to expand skills and discover the untapped resource of the body in healing from disordered eating. Presenter, Paula Scatoloni, LCSW, CEDS, SEP is a somatic-based psychotherapist and certified IAEDP supervisor. The former Eating Disorder Coordinator at Duke University, Paula has been providing lectures on the etiology and treatment of disordered eating for almost two decades. Continue reading

FILM: The Genius of Wilhelm Reich – worth a watch!

Link to the film. Thanks to film producer Kevin Hinchey, also director of the Wilhelm Reich Trust, for working tirelessly to bring this incredibly important project to fruition. Please consider joining me now as well in contributing whatever you can to the Indiegogo campaign to complete the project, and bring Reich and his essential contributions to health of mind, body and planet into public consciousness. Continue reading

May conversation is with Steven Hoskinson – Somatic Perspectives

The May conversation is with Steven Hoskinson. It is about Organic Intelligence and trauma. Steven Hoskinson, MA, MAT, is the… Continue reading

Al Pesso Retirement Letter

I am writing today to announce my retirement as a therapist and teacher. As many of you know, for the past five months I have been battling a series of health challenges including hemothorax, many rounds of pneumonia, congestive heart failure, endocarditis, arrhythmia, blood infections, and multiple myeloma which has compromised my immune system. I have come to realize it is impossible to continue my training schedule under these health conditions and that for the foreseeable future my time would best be spent writing the books and articles that have been on a back burner for years. Continue reading

Conversation with Andrew Cook on embodiment and dissociation.

Andrew Cook sees the human body in the context of the natural world in which we evolved, and to which we are inextricably linked. He was originally trained as a mining engineer and a hydrogeologist. He became a Craniosacral Therapist 20 years ago. He lives and works in Norfolk, UK. Continue reading

Dissertations Related to Body Psychotherapy and Somatic Psychology

This list was derived by searching databases containing M.A. and Ph.D. theses. Due to the search engines used, only theses… Continue reading

Inner Relationship Focusing Open House

Are your clients stressed? Out of touch with what they’re really feeling? Getting stuck in story-telling? With our Level One Focusing… Continue reading

Assistant Professor – Somatic Counseling, Naropa University

The MA Somatic Counseling (MASC) degree program seeks to fill a full-time core faculty position beginning July 1, 2016. This faculty position teaching a variety of clinical and theoretical courses specific to dance/movement therapy and body psychology as well as general counseling; networking regionally and nationally with other educators and clinicians within the fields of dance therapy and body psychology; and actively engaging as a member of the leadership team guiding the MASC degree program. Continue reading

Increasing Psychotherapy’s Effectiveness

Increasing Psychotherapy’s Effectiveness Psychological problems are generally not solved; they are more often resolved. Something in a person has changed.… Continue reading

Dave Berger for Somatic Experiencing Students and Practitioners

Online Consultation Group Friday March 18, 2016 Noon-3pm Eastern time I am offering a faculty credit consultation group for all… Continue reading

Somatic Psychology Today Winter 2016 Edition Now Available

It’s Conference time! Join SPT Magazine at the USABP Conference, July 21-23, 2016 in Providence, Rhode Island, and the EABP… Continue reading

Somatic Perspectives Interview: Greg Madison, PhD

Greg Madison, PhD, is an existential psychologist and psychotherapist active in various academic and professional communities across Europe and internationally.… Continue reading

Body Psychotherapy and Somatic Psychology Today: An International Conference

Mark Ludwig LCSW and Somatic Psychology Associates Friday, February 26, 2016 from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (PST) Berkeley, CA… Continue reading

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