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Grief’s Reach: Avoiding its Lure Back into Early Developmental Shame – March 2017

When we help clients neurobiologically separate out early shame from grief, we bring them to the awareness of how present day experiences are actually a confusing entanglement of calling cards from the past. As the responses separate and integrate with support into the client’s present day self, a felt sense of choice and autonomy emerge. Continue reading

Attachment-Based Yoga & Meditation for Trauma Recovery – Deirdre Fay

In this book, Deirdre introduces a unique exploration of attachment-based approaches, integrating yogic psychology to bring relief and ease in treating trauma. Continue reading


This workshop introduces participants to the basic principles and skills of the Hakomi Method to support personal and professional development. The goal of Hakomi is to uncover and alter unconscious motivations, beliefs and outdated frames of reference that negatively affect mood and relationships with self and others. The method uses experiments conducted in mindfulness and body awareness to gather information about unconscious processes. These techniques, coupled with the attuned presence of the therapist, access implicit memories and gently reorganize entrenched neural patterns. Continue reading

Somatic Psychotherapy Today: Winter 2017, volume 7, number 1

Erik Jarlnaes shares an in-depth view of his rebirthing process while Sharon King talks about her Matrix Birth Reimprinting and the need for a new paradigm. Kate White and Ray Castellino write about the Womb Surround Process and Alex Lobba discusses Leadership: The Art of Relationships. We have book reviews and author interviews/reflections with Stella Acquarone, Terry Marks-Tarlow, and co-authors Joann O’Leary and Jane Warland. Continue reading

Coming to NC in the Fall! Embodied Recovery is a Somatically Integrative Treatment for Eating Disorders

This pioneering somato-psycho-social approach highlights the body as a “re-source” in the recovery process rather than a source of distress to be managed. Our core principles address the intersection between somatic organization, the subjective experience of self, and our basic human need for attachment/bonding and protective defenses. The science behind the training is supported by the contributions of pioneers such as Peter Levine, Dan Seigel, Stephen Porges, Pat Ogden, Bonnie Bainbridge, and Allan Schore. Continue reading

Down-to-earth mindfulness: Mindful eating

Active Pause is about the simple, down-to-earth ways in which we step out of “automatic pilot” to be more actively involved in what we do. In other words, we see “mindful” as “engaged” – – the opposite of being disengaged, of doing a task mindlessly. In this spirit, Linda Ciotola is sharing the approach to mindful eating that she practices and teaches. Continue reading

Request for Proposals for Second National Conference on Bringing Yoga into Mental Health Care

The Second National Conference on Integrating Yoga into Mental Health Care is scheduled for June 30-July 2, 2017, at Misericordia University, Dallas, Pa. It is co-sponsored by the Misericordia University Social Work Department and The Wellfleet Collective. CEUs for various mental health disciplines are pending. You are invited you to submit a proposal to present a 90 minute workshop. Continue reading

Process Group for Adults with Aspergers

We will use Core Energetics’ techniques to help connect with the self and with others in an aligned way, while strengthening self awareness, and body consciousness. Using movement, breath work and interactive therapy we will explore the energetic blocks in the body that hinder self development. Core Energetics’ is founded in Bioenergetics body work and adds a spiritual component. It has been successful in healing depression, anxiety, and trauma. Body work with consciousness creates a rich experience unique to the individual. Core Energetics’ is a pathway to the True Self. Continue reading


Participants will learn to use the Body Double (BD) intervention to work with the energetic body and the ‘rhythmic rupture’ it suffers, along with the physical body and the brain, due to traumatic events. This workshop expands the repertoire of students and practitioners of EMDR, EFT, sensory motor integration, as well as drama therapy and psychodrama. Continue reading

Dramatic Transformations

THIS WORKSHOP OFFERS a framework for avoiding compassion fatigue, boosting resilience and promoting wellness. The core skills of Awareness, Balance, Connection (Saavkitne & Pearlman, 1996) and Self-Compassion (Neff, 2013) are explored in theory and in action. In addition to full psychodramas, brief action structures and theoretical processing, this workshop offers optional yoga, yoga nidra and massage so participants can practice selfcare during the four-day experience. Continue reading

Pulsation of the Life Force in Psychotherapy, Milan, Italy, March 8-12

This intensive residential workshop is designed to give practical, ready-to-use tools to psychotherapists who wish to extend their professional experience… Continue reading

How to Cope with Disappointment

How do you deal with disruption/change/shock/disorientation/feeling like the bottom just fell out and you don’t know which end is up? Several clients have spoken lately of feeling confounded: “…Like being in the middle of deep water, so I can’t touch down anywhere, and I don’t know which way land is. There’s nothing to hold onto. I’m disoriented and don’t know what to do—but I can’t stay where I am and have to do something.” Continue reading

Can Imagination Heal Shame?

Once I was working with a woman who was feeling very lost in her life. She wasn’t sure if she even wanted to start a new job or a new relationship. I asked her what her picture was when she imagined getting a new job, and all she could picture was what happened in her last job: her co-worker and even her supervisor putting her down. I asked her what picture she imagined when she thought about a new relationship and she couldn’t even imagine that; she just kept saying over and over, “The last one wasn’t very good, so there must be something wrong with me.” Continue reading

Foundation for Human Enrichment: Call for Participants in Research Study

Purpose of the Study: Trauma brings us face-to-face with some of the most fundamental questions at the heart of the human journey. It often carries with it emotional pain, nervous system dysregulation, and a grappling for meaning. But trauma also carries the potential for growth, spiritual expansion, and a fuller experience of being human—what is known as Post Traumatic Growth (PTG). Continue reading

How Naming What’s Happening Can Help Your Relationship

Let me give you a few examples. A couple from my practice told me how one day in the middle of their usual argument about who was going to pick up their daughter, who was going to buy the groceries, etc., instead of escalating the argument, the fellow said to his wife, “I want to thank you for choosing me so long ago.” Continue reading

JOIN The Love Me Touch Me Heal Me Summit

Mind and body health are talked about everywhere – in the media, on TV, on the web, among friends…But even with all this information at our fingertips, why do so many of us continue to live life filled with anxiety, stress, depression, conflictual relationships, compulsive behaviors and all sorts of addictions? Continue reading

‘Moving Into Meaning’, by Al Pesso

Together with his wife, Diane Boyden-Pesso, Albert Pesso was the co-founder of PBSP (Pesso Boyden System Psychomotor), a widely respected interactive technique that helps clients create new memories to compensate for emotional deficits in the past. He was called one of the 3 living masters of body-based psychotherapy and was chosen in 2012 to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award by the U.S. Assoc. for Body Psychotherapy (USABP). Diane Boyden Pesso died on March 4, 2016. Al died soon thereafter on May 19, 2016.

‘Moving Into Meaning’ is Al Pesso’s chapter for ‘What Sustains Me’. It is a collaborative book. Each chapter is written by a different author, stands on its own, and is released independently. When all chapters are ready, the book will be published as a regular book as well as an e-book. Continue reading

Is Your Cell Phone Getting in the Way of Your Relationship?

I had a client a few years ago who called me very upset because his wife had thrown his Blackberry out the window.

You might be surprised, but attachment injuries can be caused by an electronic device! Continue reading

Connect with your Soul’s Calling

Join Kate Holt and a community of transformation entrepreneurs for a life-changing business training! Continue reading

New book chapter on body awareness and pain: Cynthia Price and Wolf Mehling

A newly published book titled Integrative Pain Management  covers integrative health strategies to address pain.  This book includes a chapter titled “Body Awareness… Continue reading

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