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Paul C. Briggs, MSW, LCSW, LMT, SEP

I present to you my very first peer reviewed journal article publication: Somatic Experiencing® Informed Therapeutic Group for the Care and Treatment of Biopsychosocial Effects upon a Gender Diverse Identity. This research article discusses the process and outcomes of a study of a group of Transgender folks. Individuals participated in a 10 week Somatic Experiencing® informed support and education group. The group was designed to assist participants with opportunities to learn ways to build resiliency, to decrease the negative symptoms of depression and anxiety, and to better cope with the effects of microaggressions and discrimination. Continue reading

Finding Resiliency

Traumatic events can leave physiological and emotional scars that alter neurological structures and functions, which in turn can inhibit our progress on the path of awakening. In this class series, we will develop a body of skills that we can use to recognize and reduce the painful effects of trauma and thereby free up energy for meditation. Together, we will explore healing practices to help bring deeper meaning, connection, and freedom to our lives and practice. Continue reading

Working Holistically in Therapy and Personal Growth: Basic concepts of the Radix approach and its Reichian Roots

February 28 – March 4, 2018 – Fort Lauderdale, Florida – A 5-day training workshop presenting the theory of Wilhelm Reich and Charles Kelley, and the basic concepts of the Radix approach: Pulsation, Segments, Armoring and Counter-pulsation, Contact, Grounding, Centering, Attachment, Boundaries and Containment. Continue reading

The Art & Science of Brain-Based Therapy: Clinical Applications of Yogic and Body Psychotherapy

Friday, November 10, 2017 – 8:45am: Registration – 9am-4pm: Workshop @ Center for Applied Psychology, Piscataway, NJ. In this experiential workshop, you will learn to: (1) Summarize the important brain regions and networks associated with trauma, anxiety, and depression. (2) Discuss the implications of attachment theory in relation to implicit memory, brain & body – centered psychotherapy, and the therapeutic alliance. (3) Demonstrate ways to introduce yogic practices into treatment. (4) Practice body-based intervention strategies such as affect regulation, wordless awareness, and presence techniques. (5) Observe a demonstration of a body-centered psychotherapy session. Continue reading

Review of the the book “The Awakening Body” by Reginald Ray

I came across the term “somatic spirituality.” What is somatic spirituality? According to Ray, it “involves tuning in to the vast interior world of wakefulness, freedom, and joy that lies just beneath the surface, in our body.” He explains that the body is capable of an awareness beyond what our conscious mind can achieve, that our bodies are aware in ways that our minds are not. The consciousness of our bodies transcends that of the mind. Perhaps it is ironic that the word “mindful” is most commonly understood as meaning present and aware. Continue reading

” Keeping Our Bodies in the Room: The Relevance of Bodily Experience in Psychotherapy Training and Practice”

This conference brings together two dynamic clinician-authors at the heart of the contemporary discourse on the place of the body and somatic experience in psychotherapy and psychoanalysis. The program will combine conceptual elements with discourse, clinical and supervisory examples, demonstrations of training and supervision techniques, and a good deal of experiential work drawn from the speakers many decades as clinicians and trainers. Continue reading

Basic Principles, Experiential Learning, and Clinical Applications with Stephen Porges, Ph.D. – September 23 & 24, 2017 Berkeley CA

In this exciting two-day conference, Dr. Porges will present a basic outline of his Polyvagal Theory, lead attendees in experiential learning, and dialogue with professionals presenting cases from diverse practice arenas. Since 1994, when Dr. Porges announced the basic concepts, Polyvagal Theory has been adopted and used productively in a wide array of psychological and somatic clinical practices. The theory is bringing alive the profound significance of our evolutionary neural organization in daily psychological and relational processes. Continue reading

Ars Alchemica: The Art & Alchemy of Transformation

Tina’s Pre-Conference Workshop: 8/25, 9:30am – 12pm & 1:30pm – 4pm : Embodied Alchemy®: Awakening Spirit in the Body & Tina’s Keynote Session: 8/27, 9:30am – 10:30am (Panel: 11am – 12pm): Body & Soul in Transition Continue reading

Embodied Research Methods – Call for Proposals

Embodied phenomena have been explored in research in many fields of study such as psychology, expressive therapies, social sciences, anthropology, medicine, and education but to date there has not yet existed a collection of work that describes the specific ways in which embodied data collection and analysis can contribute to traditional styles of inquiry. Embodiment is an essential element of human experience, yet often missing in research data. This book will serve as an edited textbook that emphasizes embodied data in research methods. We are seeking chapter contributions that describe innovative research methods in both qualitative and quantitative approaches to embodied experience in research. Continue reading

“All the Rage (Saved by Sarno)” – Frances Sommer Anderson

has been held over after a successful screening that began June 23. It was the highest grossing per screen indie film to open this weekend with a box office of 9700. It will run for at least 2 weeks.

Continue reading

Mending Boundary Ruptures A Somatic Healing Intensive Training for Practitioners

Location: The Hope and Healing Center. – Houston, TX – 2 Day Event During this intensive workshop Jeanna will utilize her experience in using Pia Mellody’s Post Induction Treat‐ment (PIT) model and Peter Levine’s Somatic Experiencing, a body oriented approach, to work through the col‐lapse, shame, rage and feelings of helplessness that exist as a result of boundary ruptures. As well as allow for our natural defenses and protective barrier to heal and mend. Continue reading

SHIFT – Focusing Resources with Ann Weiser Cornell

Do you want to be able to practice emotional aikido with anything life throws at you? Wouldn’t it be great to navigate even your most potent emotional triggers with more ease? SHIFT can help! With SHIFT you can: Discover how to stop overwhelm in its tracks before it hijacks your day. Continue reading

UNCERTAIN GROUND: The Body as Resource in the Face of Modern Life

This one day workshop will be blend of didactic and experiential sessions for members of the helping professions. We will explore how we can access our body and its inner resources so that we may develop greater confidence in living with both “knowing” and “not knowing,” and trusting in our capacity to deal with the unpredictable, as it will inevitably arise. We’ll explore how we might work with others to develop this capacity for themselves. Continue reading

International Body Psychotherapy Journal – Volume 15, #1 Spring 2017 Available now

The issue is dedicated to hope, and the Journal’s Editorial team hopes the papers might inspire and ignite curiosity and hope in the readers. Papers include: a discussion about when the war ends—dialogues between reality and fantasy, healing and psychotherapy; ways to end therapy; embodied conflict resolution (combining body psychotherapy, Gestalt equine psychotherapy and Aikido); and the development of the LIFE Questionnaire, a body responsiveness questionnaire validated on a European sample looking at the mediation between body awareness and affect, and connection with mindfulness, body, and physical activity. Continue reading

With Deepest Sympathy – Eugene Gendlin

Eugene T. Gendlin, the American philosopher and psychologist who developed the mind-body connection practice called “Focusing,” died on May 1 at the age of 90 in Spring Valley, New York. Continue reading


National Conference June 30-July 2, 2017. — Misericordia University, Dallas, Pa. CEUs available.– This groundbreaking event is the first major conference in the U.S. focusing on the topic of yoga and mental health care. It is designed for mental health and rehabilitative health professionals as well as yoga teachers and therapists. Topics include using therapeutic yogic interventions to reduce or heal dissociation; subtle breathing pattern dysregulations; autonomic nervous system dysregulation; anxiety; substance use disorders. CEUs available. Continue reading

Grief’s Reach: Avoiding its Lure Back into Early Developmental Shame – March 2017

When we help clients neurobiologically separate out early shame from grief, we bring them to the awareness of how present day experiences are actually a confusing entanglement of calling cards from the past. As the responses separate and integrate with support into the client’s present day self, a felt sense of choice and autonomy emerge. Continue reading

Attachment-Based Yoga & Meditation for Trauma Recovery – Deirdre Fay

In this book, Deirdre introduces a unique exploration of attachment-based approaches, integrating yogic psychology to bring relief and ease in treating trauma. Continue reading


This workshop introduces participants to the basic principles and skills of the Hakomi Method to support personal and professional development. The goal of Hakomi is to uncover and alter unconscious motivations, beliefs and outdated frames of reference that negatively affect mood and relationships with self and others. The method uses experiments conducted in mindfulness and body awareness to gather information about unconscious processes. These techniques, coupled with the attuned presence of the therapist, access implicit memories and gently reorganize entrenched neural patterns. Continue reading

Somatic Psychotherapy Today: Winter 2017, volume 7, number 1

Erik Jarlnaes shares an in-depth view of his rebirthing process while Sharon King talks about her Matrix Birth Reimprinting and the need for a new paradigm. Kate White and Ray Castellino write about the Womb Surround Process and Alex Lobba discusses Leadership: The Art of Relationships. We have book reviews and author interviews/reflections with Stella Acquarone, Terry Marks-Tarlow, and co-authors Joann O’Leary and Jane Warland. Continue reading

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