Somatic Psychotherapy Today offers articles and insights written to explore relational realities in body psychotherapy practices and somatic psychology. Our articles dive into cutting edge theories and current modalities in the somatic sciences from a worldwide perspective as well as advances in clinical practice, research, and resources available today.

SPT Magazine was founded on the belief of the power of personal presence in a community of acceptance. What we do individually has a collective impact on our world – its health and wellbeing – and on all living entities that dwell here. Voicing our truth is paramount and finding the right venue to speak is just as critical. SPT offers writers and readers the space to connect, to share thoughts, ideas, and opinions about what matters in the work we do to further our field of study and practice.

We are an independent international publication and are honored to be validated by professional organizations and associations representing various modalities in the fields of body psychotherapy, somatic psychology, and prenatal and perinatal psychology and health.

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Winter, Volume 6, number 1, 2016

Fall, Volume 5, number 4, 2015

Winter , Volume 5, number 1, 2015  – Our Winter issue focuses on Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health.

The Stanley Keleman Special Supplement – November 2014

Fall, Volume 4, number 2, 2014

Spring, volume 4, number 1, 2014

Summer, volume 3, number 1 2013 – * Additional Resources

Fall, volume 3, number 2 2013

Winter, volume 3, number 3 2013

Summer, volume 2, number 1 2012

Fall, volume 2, number 2 2012

Winter, volume 2, number 3 2012

Spring, volume 2, number 4 2013 – * Additional Resources

Summer, volume 1, number 1 2011

Fall, volume 1, number 2 2011

Winter, volume 1, number 3 2011

Spring, volume 1, number 4– *Additional References


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