Photo of Alex Diaz Alex Diaz

Dr. Alex Diaz is a licensed psychotherapist and certified Peak Performance Coach, who relies on his 20-year professional experience helping individuals to use coping strategies to manage stress. Diaz’s understanding of stress, its leading triggers, and treatment approaches are based on his professional practice and doctoral studies in Clinical and Somatic Psychology. This field embraces a holistic Western and Eastern approach, which brings together the mind and body working together to help us shape our desired behavioral patterns.…

Photo of Valerie Candela Brower Valerie Candela Brower

I offer a body based, hands-on approach for healing and wellness. After many years of experience and training, I have designed a unique approach, using a combination of therapeutic processes, including Somatic Experiencing therapy, somatic experiencing touch work, Craniosacral Therapy, counseling, grief and loss, spirituality, and intuitive resources. This blended approach is gentle, healing and restorative; it offers healing and growth opportunities to recognize and release conscious and unconscious painful patterns from the past.…

Photo of Laurie Ann Healy Laurie Healy
(530) 388-8764

Somatic Psychotherapist

MA, Clinical Psychology, Somatic Specialization
Santa Barbara Graduate Institute

MA, Social and Cultural Anthropology
California Institute of Integral Studies

I believe our bodies know what is needed for healing, integration and transformation.  My somatically informed approach attends to those natural instincts, allowing what is needed to come to awareness. …

Photo of Cynthia Kagoshima Cynthia Kagoshima

I have practiced Core Energetics since 2004. It has radically changed my life and has given me invaluable tools by which I now navigate my world. Because it was the most effective practice I had encountered that created real and lasting change, I completed the five year certification program at the Institute of Core Energetics of New York.…

Photo of Nina Nagy Nina Nagy

Nina Nagy is a Certified Somatic Experiencing Practitioner. She successfully completed a three-year training program in Somatic Experiencing and Trauma Healing from the Somatic Experiencing® Trauma Institute. She has a post-graduate full year long certification in Integral Somatic Psychotherapy from Integral Somatic Psychology, LLC.

She was trained at the Spirit Rock Meditation Center in California (2010-12), founded by Jack Kornfield, to serve as a community insight meditation teacher.…

Photo of Betsy Powers Betsy Powers

Betsy received her graduate degree from Naropa University in Body Psychotherapy / Somatic Psychology in 2014. She has worked extensively with the addiction population and has been teaching yoga since 2009. She has a private practice in Savannah, Georgia.

Photo of Stephen Shostek Stephen Shostek

I’m a counseling therapist in Portland, OR. My work emphasizes the learning, growing and maturing that helps toward your greater wellbeing and satisfaction in life.

In my Portland counseling practice, I work mainly with ordinary folks who are struggling with the kinds of difficulties that we all share: life transitions, growing in relationships, meaning, and others of life’s givens.…

Photo of Anna Smith CCEP Anna Smith

Heart Song Healing – Core Energetics Body Psychotherapy

No charge for a consultation appointment.

The body is our vehicle in this life and contains our sacred life force energy. The body holds the truth of our existence; both our psychological wounding and our gifts. Often we are unable to access the fullness of our inherent life force due to energy blocks in the body.…

Photo of William E Thompson MA, SEP William Thompson

B. A. in Human Development: Somatic Arts (Prescott College)
M. A. in Counseling Psychology (Prescott College)
Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute)

In 1979, I founded Breath of Life, a small conscious business entity in Center City Philadelphia that contained my work as a massage therapist and as a registered breathworker.…

Photo of Oceana Trujillo Oceana Trujillo


Biographical Info:

Since I can remember I have always been a nurturer and wanted to be of service to others and help make the world a better place. I have always been in search of evolving the spirit and becoming more present as I walk through life while helping others do the same.…

Photo of Noel Wight Noel Wight
(215) 659-1495

My intention as a somatic therapist is to awaken people to the wisdom inherent in the body and how to access it.

We live our lives in our bodies and experience the world through our senses. Our nervous system is the mediator and registers our responses. The body, therefore, is a wise guide and resource for our lives.Through connecting and listening to the messages carried in the body, clients are guided to choices that support their moving with more ease and freedom in their lives.…