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Inga Larson

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What allows people to heal? For the past twenty years, I have been professionally committed to answering this question. While I may not have a complete answer (yet!), I know that accessing the body to find those places where we’ve become stuck, and releasing them as we learn, perhaps for the first time, to feel safe, is a crucial, unavoidable component of this healing process. As a licensed massage therapist and trainer, even before I became licensed as a clinical social worker, I would discover with my clients where they were holding old wounds. With a combination of energy work, attuned touch and gently applied movement, we would release the trauma of many years. My touch skills in Somatic Experiencing, Craniosacral Therapy, and Reiki are augmented by my knowledge in addressing inner conflict (Voice Dialogue) to bring the shattered ego into integrity, and serve to embody my clients for EMDR. For those clients who are suffering from chronic illness or the effects of physical trauma, I address both the body’s needs and the psychological fall-out. Underneath all your pain, there is an amazing human being longing to be known and fulfilled. I also frequently give trainings to clinicians in the area in support of the use of clinical touch, and would welcome providing your organization with this.

Services: Psychotherapy, bodywork for trauma, education