National Conference June 30-July 2, 2017.
Misericordia University, Dallas, Pa. CEUs available.

This groundbreaking event is the first major conference in the U.S. focusing on the topic of yoga and mental health care. It is designed for mental health and rehabilitative health professionals as well as yoga teachers and therapists. Topics include using therapeutic yogic interventions to reduce or heal dissociation; subtle breathing pattern dysregulations; autonomic nervous system dysregulation; anxiety; substance use disorders. CEUs available.

Pre-Conference Workshops; Keynote speech by Amy Weintraub, author of Yoga and Depression; In-depth Saturday Workshops; Sunday panel discussion.

Conference early-bird price go $150 before May 1.

Register at:

Chester, CT – Live Video Stream – SE Case Consultation and Demonstration – October 30, 2017 – Therapeutic Presence, Therapeutic Rhythm: An SE™ Principles Workshop.

This Case Consult Day is a part of the three-day Therapeutic Presence, Therapeutic Rhythm: An SE Principles workshop with Dr. Peter A. Levine. If you are interested in the full workshop, please visit the Event Summary Page: Therapeutic Presence, Therapeutic Rhythm: An SE™ Principles Workshop

This registration is to stream the Group Case Consult. If you would like to attend this Group Case Consult Live you will need to register for the Full 3 day event.

We are now offering as an OPTIONAL ITEM, the ability to stream the 1st day of the training for an additional $200.00. Please see the Agenda Page for more details.


May 4 & 5, 2016
Hyatt Regency Mission Bay
San Diego


Somatic Experiencing helps people find new, empowered body experiences to contradict the patterns established by trauma. Together, we will explore clinical insights from Body-oriented psychotherapy, and recent findings in the neurosciences, on how the brain and body deals with emotional information, providing a foundation for effective therapeutic action.

An Introductory Body-Psychotherapy Workshop for professionals and people interested in opening their capacity for joy in their life.

Saturday & Sunday June 24-25, 2017 Seattle, Washington

Saturday & Sunday July 15-16, 2017 Salt Lake City, Utah

Provides 13 1/2 CEU hours through NASW

Traditional psychotherapy works toward congruence in a person’s thinking, emotions, actions, and life choices. Body-oriented therapy understands that the body is also profoundly affected by our life experiences. Identifying and releasing attitudes and old images held in our physical structure adds an important component to therapy. This promotes lasting change, allowing for free flow of life energy from within us so we can more fully realize our life, our joy.

This experiential workshop will give participants the opportunity to experience the basic premises of Body-Psychotherapy that originated with Wilhelm Reich and now integrates Core Energetics and contemporary approaches including somatic approaches, current neurobiology and trauma therapy. The workshop combines lectures with movement and experiential opportunities. I also bring my understanding of many other approaches to employ creativity and spirituality to enhance the journey.

More Information on Aylee’s Website:  CLICK HERE

Walking the Talk: Self-Care as the Heart of Psychotherapy

a collaborative and (r)evolutionary workshop for therapists, counselors, social workers, chaplains, professional listeners….

Carrie Gray MFT, Angela Porter IMF, & Matthew Tousignant MA,
and special guest Jon Schreiber

Saturday, April 29 · 1:00-4:00 pm
at The Breema Center 6076 Claremont Ave Oakland Ca. 94618

What if you could practice self-care while sitting in a room with clients? What if you had tools to nurture your own vitality as a therapist that could simultaneously support your client? Breema’s body-centered, holistic approach to being present is practiced in the midst of daily life. This workshop will offer an experiential introduction to self-care principles and tools that nurture aliveness, non-judgment, harmony and well-being.

Saturday, April 29 1:00-4:00 pm

The Breema Center, 6076 Claremont Ave, Oakland

$65 ($50 if you register with a friend)
$35 students/interns
**Register by 4/15 for an additional $10 discount**

If registering with a friend, enter promo code BRINGAFRIEND for reduced rate.

Workshop includes receiving a Breema session (before or after the workshop).

3 hours CE available. ($10 processing fee)
The Breema Center is approved to offer continuing education for LMFTs, LCSWs, and LPCCs by the CAMFT (#128568)

REGISTER HERE:;jsessionid=85B4D57A52E5E8824FC80EE131DD3AA0?oeidk=a07edx85ekbdc8a2e9f&oseq=&c=&ch=

We will focus on the body as the basis for connection and presence in psychotherapy. Breema, a dynamic, nurturing, interoceptive practice, will be used to experience coherence between body and mind as a catalyst for movement towards healing and transformation in the therapeutic relationship. Body-mind connection supports the therapist to be present. Presence invites both the client and therapist to contact and move from that within themselves which is inherently whole. Issues of compassion fatigue, counter-transference, vicarious trauma, stress, and burnout are mitigated, while a tangible atmosphere of empathy, acceptance, non-judgment, and aliveness is nurtured. Particular emphasis will be placed on the experience of the practitioner, as we learn individual and partner self-care exercises. We will also explore universal principles underlying Breema—-No Judgment, Body Comfortable, Mutual Support, No Force—-and discover how they can foster a vital, openhearted relationship to life.

About Breema
Breema Bodywork®, Self-Breema Exercises®, and The Nine Principles of Harmony are natural expressions of the unifying principle of Existence. They offer a practical means of becoming present, a commonsense approach to physical, mental, and emotional health, and a new way of learning that leads to increased understanding of ourselves and a deepening sense of fulfillment, meaning, and purpose.

No prior experience necessary, please come in comfortable clothing prepared to move around on a padded floor.

Workshop facilitators:

Carrie Gray, LMFT, MA, is a somatically-oriented psychotherapist in private practice in North Oakland. With degrees from the Wright Institute, California Institute for Integral Studies, and Wesleyan University, Carrie has approached the study of psychology, consciousness and the body from a variety of angles. Since 1999, Carrie has studied and practiced Breema’s body-based approach to “the art of being present” and is a former staff Instructor at the Breema Center.

Angela Porter, IMF, CATC, CMT, is an addiction treatment specialist, and Marriage and Family Therapist intern. Trained in Gestalt, Body-centered, and Somatic therapy at Esalen Institute, body-mind connection is primary in her work. Formerly a program director at the New Bridge Foundation’s residential substance abuse treatment program in Berkeley CA, Angela incorporated the principles and practice of Breema into the treatment curriculum. Currently she is a group facilitator at Bayside Marin and maintains a private practice where Breema is foundational to her work with clients as well as in her consultation practice with colleagues. A certified Breema Instructor since 1998, Angela travels internationally teaching Breema to therapists and other healing professionals.

Matthew Tousignant, MA, CMT, is a graduate of Harvard University and the California Institute of Integral Studies. For the last 17 years he has studied Breema with its founder, Dr. Jon Schreiber, in Oakland, California and is a certified Breema Practitioner and Instructor. Based out of Lambertville, New Jersey, the body-centered therapeutic work he practices combines the universal wisdom of Breema with a practical knowledge of psychology to connect others to their unique potential as human beings.

In this book, Deirdre introduces a unique exploration of attachment-based approaches, integrating yogic psychology to bring relief and ease in treating trauma.

From the Introduction:

“Every child should have had the gift of safety from birth onwards. In that state of grace, a child flourishes, steps beyond their comfort zone, makes mistakes, reaches for reassurance, learns and grows from mistakes without shame.

Returning to a safe haven after stretching out into the world, the child finds out from others that they’ll be okay despite anything untoward that happened.

In this cocoon of care, a child naturally develops psychological safety (Bowlby, 1988; Holmes, 2001) with a native impulse to explore themselves and the world.”

February 23rd @ 7:00 PM EST

Putting “The Mindful Witness” into Action – Keeping Clients in “The Window of Tolerance “

Two current frameworks in both trauma treatment and general stress reduction are “The Window of Tolerance ” (Dan Seigel) which describes the delicate balance of the brain-body response and the effects of overwhelming stress, and “Mindfulness” which has been shown to mitigate the effects of stress with regular practice . Helping clients understand the concepts that are included in “The Window of Tolerance ” helps them better understand that what they are feeling is a “normal” response to overwhelming stress. Teaching mindfulness in more traditional ways ( often with eyes closed) is challenging because traumatized clients may not be able to focus inwardly without being triggered .

However , teaching “The Mindful Witness Role” in action teaches experientially the development of that part of the self that is able to observe without judgment and with compassion one’s thoughts, feelings, and “act hungers” which empowers the client s ability to remain in “The Window of Tolerance” .

  • Explore “The Window of Tolerance” and the trauma responses which can occur that move the client “out of the window”
  • Describe “Mindfulness” and its ability to dampen the stress response
  • Explore how breath, body awareness, and attention promote grounding
  • Learn to teach the “Mindful Witness Role” in action – both in individual and group settings



Linda Ciotola is a Certified TEP: trainer-educator-practitioner of psychodrama, group psychotherapy, and sociometry; and an accredited Certified Trainer in the Therapeutic Spiral Model ™ of psychodrama used specifically for working with trauma survivors. She is Co-Leader and Developer of the Therapeutic Spiral Bodyworkshop specifically designed for healing body-based trauma issues and a Certified Health Education Specialist (Ret.) with 45 years experience in education, group facilitation, and lifestyle counseling. Linda holds ACE (American Council on Exercise) certifications as a Personal Trainer, Fitness and Yoga Instructor, Health Coach and MINDBODY Specialist. She was honored in 2008 with the Zerka Moreno Award for outstanding contributions to the field of Psychodrama. She is co-author with Karen Carnabucci of Healing Eating Disorders with Psychodrama and Other Action Methods – Beyond the Silence and the Fury. She presents widely at regional, national and international conferences.

Visit her website at





C.G. Jung believed that psyche and body are one. Marion Woodman, with Mary Hamilton and Ann Skinner, developed BodySoul Rhythms® from their common belief in our body’s wisdom and their many years of exploring the relationship between psyche and soma. In this talk I will discuss their pioneering contributions to the field, conscious embodiment in clinical practice, and how neuroscience supports a body-oriented approach to healing trauma. Through lecture, embodied experience, and discussion, participants will have an opportunity to experience the process of “coming home to the body”.

Brain, Mind and Body: Trauma, Neurobiology and the Healing Relationship Conference

April 28 — 29, 2017 London, Ontario Presentation

Conference Information: The University of Western Ontario Department of Psychiatry sponsors this seminar that will celebrate the work of the Harris-Woodman Chair in Psyche-Soma and related areas of progress. This conference will focus on the affective neurosciences, progress made in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and link body and mind research from molecular biology and neuroimaging to clinical interventions in several psychiatric disorders.

Presenters: Paul Frewen, PhD, C.Psych Colonel Rakesh Jetly, OMM, CD, MD, FRCPC Ruth Lanius, MD, PhD Margaret McKinnon, PhD, C. Psych Allan Schore, PhD Tina Stromsted, PhD, MFT, BC-DMT Ed Tick, PhD Bessel van der Kolk, MD Margaret Wilkinson, BA, SAP *

Active Pause is about the simple, down-to-earth ways in which we step out of “automatic pilot” to be more actively involved in what we do. In other words, we see “mindful” as “engaged” – – the opposite of being disengaged, of doing a task mindlessly.
So, one of the things you will see over time in our newsletter, is people sharing specific approaches and experiences. The key word here is “experience”: This is not dogma, this is what people actually do, and how it works for them. This is an invitation for you to experiment with it, and to adapt it to your needs.
In this spirit, Linda Ciotola is sharing the approach to mindful eating that she practices and teaches.
There is an audio conversation with her, together with a printable PDF transcript, at:
Linda has also prepared a “self coach tool” about mindful eating, also a printable PDF, that you can find at:
Linda Ciotola is a Certified TEP (trainer-educator-practitioner of psychodrama) and the co-author of a book on healing eating disorders.

Please share your feedback about this, as well as comments and suggestions about Active Pause, as a reply to this email or through the Facebook group:

The Second National Conference on Integrating Yoga into Mental Health Care is scheduled for June 30-July 2, 2017, at Misericordia University, Dallas, Pa. It is co-sponsored by the Misericordia University Social Work Department and The Wellfleet Collective. CEUs for various mental health disciplines are pending.

You are invited you to submit a proposal to present a 90 minute workshop. We are particularly interested in applications of yoga to various mental health disorders, in 2 workshop tracks, Introductory and Intermediate. Please include a workshop description, any special materials or equipment needed, and biographies of the presenter(s), including relevant credentials. Workshops will be presented on Saturday, July 1.

Proposals will be due as close to February 15, 2017 as possible, with decisions made by March 1. Workshop presenters will receive free tuition and space to display their publicity. A small stipend may also be available. Please address any questions, and email the proposals, to Dr. Susan McDonald at:


Improving social engagement through the use of Core Energetics’.

Please join us for this FREE 6 week process group for adults with Aspergers’ Syndrome.

We will use Core Energetics’ techniques to help connect with the self and with others in an aligned way, while strengthening self awareness, and body consciousness. Using movement, breath work and interactive therapy we will explore the energetic blocks in the body that hinder self development. Core Energetics’ is founded in Bioenergetics body work and adds a spiritual component. It has been successful in healing depression, anxiety, and trauma. Body work with consciousness creates a rich experience unique to the individual. Core Energetics’ is a pathway to the True Self.

Beginning: Monday, March 6, 2017 from 6:30pm – 8:30pm
The Mariner Center for Human Development
67 School St. Auburn, Ma 01501

Please contact Anna Smith at 508-735-3838 or to schedule your intake interview.

People who have experienced traumatic events can have significant changes in the neurobiology of their brain. The right brain holds emotions, relationship information, and unprocessed trauma, often in the form of flashbacks, body memories, intrusive thoughts and dissociated feelings. It is always turned on by an overactive amygdala. The left brain’s coherent function, which provides meaning to stay in the here and now, is interrupted by stress hormones as the result of danger signals from the amygdala.

Participants will learn to use the Body Double (BD) intervention to work with the energetic body and the ‘rhythmic rupture’ it suffers, along with the physical body and the brain, due to traumatic events. The brain-in-action, along with attachment structures, are taught through demonstration and live supervised practice and can be used immediately following the workshop in individual, couples and family therapy, as well as by educators and community organizers. This workshop expands the repertoire of students and practitioners of EMDR, EFT, sensory motor integration, as well as drama therapy and psychodrama.

Download flyer for more details:
Brain & Trauma Training 3-2017

THIS WORKSHOP OFFERS a framework for avoiding compassion fatigue, boosting resilience and promoting wellness. The core skills of Awareness, Balance, Connection (Saavkitne & Pearlman, 1996) and Self-Compassion (Neff, 2013) are explored in theory and in action. In addition to full psychodramas, brief action structures and theoretical processing, this workshop offers optional yoga, yoga nidra and massage so participants can practice selfcare during the four-day experience.

Over her 30+ year professional life, Cathy Nugent has held the vision to offer opportunities for dramatic transformations—deep healing, powerful learning and high-level wellness leading to more enriched and fulfilled lives. For this workshop, Cathy is joined by her long-time friend and colleague Linda Ciotola. Recipient of the 2008 Zerka T. Moreno Award, Linda is a highly experienced and creative psychodramatist with special expertise in holistic health and self-care practices.


4 Day Non Residential Workshop June 2017

Research on Mindfulness , neurobiology, and stress reduction is showing the power of mindfulness to actually help re-wire the brain (thanks to neuroplasticity). However, trauma survivors (and anyone under stress) will have difficulty meditating, being mindful, and connecting to the part of the self that can do this. This is where action methods come in!
By “role training” clients in the “Mindful Witness Role”, step by step, they can learn to practice this role, enabling them to use it as needed. Over time, this practice will re-wire the brain and reduce trauma symptoms.

Wednesday February, 15, 2017

2.5 CEU’s

Download Flyer for More Information:

Healing Trauma Flyer-Mid Shore 2 15 17

The Foundation for Human Enrichment –
The Somatic Experiencing® Trauma Institute Presents:

Upcoming Group Case Consult and SE Demos, Master Classes, and other events with Dr. Peter A. Levine

February 18, 2017

Group Case Consultation and Live SE Demos
Los Angeles, CA (USA)
with Peter Levine, PhD
Two consult hours available for training participants.
Participants have the option of attending live in Los Angeles, CA, or tuning in remotely via live video stream. Select at registration.
Prerequisite: This event is open to SE training participants and practitioners of Somatic Experiencing.


March 4, 2017

Group Case Consultation and Live SE Demos
Scottsdale, AZ (USA)
with Peter Levine, PhD
Two consult hours available for training participants.
Participants have the option of attending live in Scottsdale, AZ, or tuning in remotely via live video stream. Select at registration.
Prerequisite: This event is open to SE training participants and practitioners of Somatic Experiencing.


March 11, 2017

Group Case Consultation and Live SE Demos
San Diego, CA (USA)
with Peter Levine, PhD
Two consult hours available for training participants.
Participants have the option of attending live in San Diego, CA, or tuning in remotely via live video stream. Select at registration.
Prerequisite: This event is open to SE training participants and practitioners of Somatic Experiencing.


March 12-15, 2017

SE Master Class: Sexual Trauma: Healing the Sacred Wound
San Diego, CA (USA)
with Peter Levine, PhD
19 CE credits available through ANCC, APA, ASWB, BRN, LPC & Mental Health Counselors – Licensed Professional Counselors, MFTs – Marriage and Family Therapists
Prerequisite: Completion of SE Intermediate I.


April 24-27, 2017 – Save the dates! Registration coming soon!

SE Master Class: Chronic Pain and Syndromes
Corte Madera, CA (USA)
with Peter Levine, PhD
CE credits pending through ANCC, APA, ASWB, BRN, LPC & Mental Health Counselors – Licensed Professional Counselors, MFTs – Marriage and Family Therapists
Prerequisite: Completion of SE Intermediate I.

Demos needed for all SE Trauma Institute sponsored events with Dr. Levine. Email for details on client submission.

View and register for all upcoming events with Dr. Levine

We’ll be giving an Introduction to the Enneagram Workshop in Portland, Oregon
on 02/25 or 02/26 (two sessions) via Kami Huck, who has taken the workshop in MA.

Cost $150 (includes lunch prepared by Kami :)) 10am-5:30pm

Instructors: Andy Hahn and Joni Beckett

Payment will be due by January 1, 2017

Please RSVP to Kami Huck ( by December 5, 2016, and she’ll send you more information.

Sat, Nov 12, 2016 (10:00AM – 5:00PM) TO
Sun, Nov 13, 2016 (10:00AM – 2:00PM)
Location: 131 West 24th St., 7th Fl, New York, NY 10011
Fee: $195
CEUs: 9*

Sexuality—Wilhelm Reich’s revolutionary ideas about the implicit freedom in human sexuality were a force in the social change of the last 50 years. Taking off from the premises of psychoanalytic thinking of the time, he, and following him Al Lowen, propounded a theory of sexuality as a central expression of each person’s uniqueness. They saw sexuality as the primal force that when given full expression broke through the life-limiting conventions of social repression.

Since that time of heady revolutionary fervor in the promotion of a sex-positive perspective in psychotherapy and in society, we have added much to our understanding of the complexity of human sexuality. Adding in concepts from attachment theory, from gender-studies, from modern theories about relationships we have broadened and deepened our view of the functions and characteristics of sexuality. In Modern Bioenergetics we see the deep connection of pleasure and benevolence in the lived experience of sexuality. In this workshop we will explore these new perspectives from philosophical, theoretical and clinical perspectives. The workshop will have didactic, experiential and clinical demonstration/discussion components. It is suitable for clinicians with experience in a somatopsychic psychotherapy modality, and those wishing to know more about this approach.

For more information, contact Dr. Scott Baum.


Wed, Nov 09, 2016 (8:30PM – 10:15PM)
Location: 131 West 24th St., 7th Fl, New York, NY 10011
Fee: $10; Members Free
CEUs: 1.75*

Sexuality—Wilhelm Reich and Alexander Lowen saw human sexuality as the essential and irreducible expression of human fulfillment and freedom. Finding the vital flow of passion and self-expression in one’s sexuality were the bedrock experiences of the realized self. In the many years since the first, revolutionary, propositions in Bioenergetic Analysis, we have added many layers of complexity and both broadened and deepened our understanding of human sexuality and its expression. This seminar will trace the development of this force in somatopsychic psychotherapy theory and practice.

For more information, contact Dr. Scott Baum @